Tips And Tricks – What To Do When The Baby Is Strange?

Why Your Baby Is Strange

Only a few weeks after birth, babies begin to smile. Everyone who approaches them in a friendly manner usually gets a laugh, too. But that changes after a while. At the age of about seven or eight months, the little one begins to compare the faces that approach him. And it suddenly realizes indignantly that facial features, voice, and smell do not match its most important caregiver. And shoo, the crying starts. Because the realization that you don’t know the other person at all scares the little ones. Not even the next of kin are safe from such “outbursts. As a rule, the baby associates everything pleasant, such as warmth, the bottle, safety, and security, with its primary caregiver. We will tell you what you can do if your baby is unfamiliar.

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During this time, many a pezugsperson may also proudly notice that the baby’s laughter towards them changes: It’s no longer the hearty, all-encompassing smile; no, the baby’s expression indicates, “Mommy Daddy, I mean you, you personally!”

Strangeness – A Natural Process

There are children who start strangling very early, others a little later. This varies from child to child. But practically every baby is a stranger. This is part of their development and is a completely natural process. They don’t start crying because they want to test their parents’ nerves; their fear and their reactions to it are real. That’s why it’s important that caregivers understand their children especially well during this phase, that they offer their babies a lot of protection and security at this time – and that they never force their children to let “strangers” hold them. Nor should strangeness be acknowledged with reprimands. It is best if caregivers take their stranger babies to them, give them a feeling of protection, and thus give them the opportunity to slowly make friends with the unknown.

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Babies need time to make contact with strangers on their own. This process can be seen in the fact that children like to make eye contact with third persons from mom’s or dad’s arm – and immediately look away again when the other person reacts.

Of course, it is sometimes exhausting when the child is hanging on your apron strings all the time. But if you understand that this is how the little one gets confirmation of unrestricted love and security, of reliability and affection, you will gladly put up with this strangeness.

Since the curiosity for new things also develops steadily with the strangeness, the little ones usually lose their fears at around 15 months.

There Are A Few Little Tricks That Can Make It Easier For Babies To Be Unfamiliar:

  • Parents should accept the role of protector, which the child assigns to them.
  • The parents should react, comfortable when the child shows first fears of contact.
  • Parents should take a step back together with the child when fear of strangers arises.
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Early on, little “hide-and-seek” games can be used to practice what it’s like when mommy, daddy is gone for a moment (gugus-dada) – and how reliable it is that she’ll be back. But important also here: The child must not be forced beyond any “limit”!

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