Tips For Nursing Pillow Product Care

It is normal that after breastfeeding the child spits up from time to time. For this reason, the cover must be washed more often. Therefore, it is important that the cover is easily removable. Microfiber is particularly suitable. It also feels comfortable and survives washing without any problems. Quality plush feels even better but is more difficult to wash. Therefore, it is not recommended for a nursing pillow.
If the cover is made of cotton, it is particularly hygienic. However, it should be made of organic cotton, otherwise, pesticide residues may be present. Very rarely you can buy covers made of leather because they are expensive. However, in their favor is the fact that they are easily washable and soft.

Cleaning And Caring For Nursing Pillows – This Is How It’s Done:

Nursing aids get dirty over time, so of course, at some point, the question arises: how do I clean my nursing pad. With a new purchase, there is usually an instruction leaflet and washing instructions are attached to the cover via a label. With all the comparisons that are made, the proper cleaning of the frequently used pillow is also an important criterion. Is the cover washable at all? Many brands may have nursing pads that do not have a removable cover, making cleaning more difficult. This should be taken into account at the time of purchase.

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The cleaning of the nursing pillow also depends on the size of the pillow and the size of the washing machine. If you want to clean it in the washing machine, then the pillow should be cleaned alone if possible and the pillow should still have room to move in the machine. If the washing machine is overloaded, then the way to the dry cleaner is more recommended.

When Washing Should Take Into Account The Following:

  • Keep to the specified temperature, or if the label is no longer legible, check the fabric, what is it made of? Then rather clean a little cooler than thought.
  • Use the cover possibly as a laundry bag, because the filling could well escape especially with the EPS beads. It is enough a small opening (seam defect, opening zipper) and your washing machine you can clean yourself afterwards, if this is not even defective.
  • Clean the nursing pillow in a laundry bag or as already described above in the outer cover, making sure that the zipper is closed in any case.
  • With new outer covers it can happen that they discolor, so rather not clean with another laundry. It may also be that the ticking is discolored by the cover. So you have to decide, is the color of the ticking is important to you and do I prefer to use a dense laundry bag.
  • The nursing pillow can also be washed in the bathtub. The first soak with hot water, treat the stains with detergent or other stain removers, rinse again, rinse detergent and squeeze moisture a little.
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After Washing, For Drying Should Still Be Observed A Few Things:

  • Some nursing pillows can be dried in a gentle cycle in the tumble dryer. When doing this, also use the laundry bag and check the closure of the zipper.
  • If the nursing pillow is to be dried on a heater, the floor underneath must be taken into account. Otherwise, there may be a swollen floor due to dripping moisture.
  • Of course, drying on the clothesline is also possible. Everyone must estimate simply with the whole drying kinds themselves, when the cushion is needed again or how long one can do without it.
  • With any type of drying, always fluff the pillow, so that the filling with the damp spots can be better distributed and dried.

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