Today The Children’s Rights Celebrate Their Birthday

This Friday, children’s rights can celebrate their 26th birthday. But what exactly are children’s rights and what do they say? In this article, I want to explain it to you a bit more in detail.

Recognized Almost Everywhere

Children’s rights were written on November 20, 1989, to better protect children around the world. Almost all countries in the United Nations (remember them? United Nations we have explained a few times in other news) have recognized these rights and at the same time also promised to respect them. Children should be enabled by these laws to live a dignified life. In total, this set of rules consists of 54 articles that have been drawn up by experts. Among them are ten very important fundamental rights.

Children Should Grow Up Safely

One of these fundamental rights is that children should grow up in a safe place. Neither war nor other violence should become a danger for them. Furthermore, children have the right to clean water, to enough food and also to medicine. When it comes to things that affect children, children should also have a say. Another right for children is that they are allowed to attend school to learn something. In these children’s rights it is also stated that children may not discriminate be treated equally, regardless of whether they are girls or boys, and regardless of the color of their skin and their religion.

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Other Laws Have Been Added

Over the last few years, a few more laws have been added. For example, it is not allowed that children are simply made soldiers. Children are also not allowed to be sent by their parents to beg or do hard labor. To remind everyone once again of this Children’s Rights Day, politicians will be talking to the children at many schools today. They would like to know which rights are especially important for children and if they are really respected.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words:

The word discriminated means that it always happens that people are treated badly by other people. This can happen, for example, if they have a black skin color, or have a different religion, or simply want to live differently than other people. Before the law, however, all people are equal and therefore all people should be treated equally. If this is not the case, then one speaks of discrimination.

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