Toughest Sled Dog Race In The World Started

Yesterday, Monday, the toughest Alaska the hardest sled dog race in the world started. No other race is as difficult and as tough as this one in cold Alaska. In this race very high loads are put on the people. For the animals this is not so bad, because they sled dogs love it and are happy when they are allowed to run and it is not so warm.

Long 1600 km Through Ice And Snow

In this sled dog race, it goes a total of 1,600 km through ice and snow in the very cold Alaska, where even in the short summer it hardly gets warmer than 0 degrees. These 1,600 km are approximately as long as once from Munich to Hamburg and again back with the car. The route is also really dangerous, because dark forests must be crossed, it goes over high mountain passes. It goes over high mountains, past the sea and over rivers, all of which are still frozen. Now at this time of year there are temperatures everywhere far below 0 degrees and there is an icy wind blowing.

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Not Everyone Is Allowed To Participate

Not everyone is allowed to participate in this race. Not every human and not every dog. The humans must be loadable, may not be ill and must prove that they can survive in the wilderness, far from cities or villages also. With the sledge dogs it is paid attention to the fact that only animals go to the start, which are recognized also as sledge dogs and which are accustomed to such efforts also. The best of these teams from humans and dogs creates this long distance in approximately nine days. During this journey by the icy Alaska they must take however again and again break and also sleep a little. Since there are also many wolves in Alaska, always at night, when resting, a large campfire must be lit. The wolves are afraid of this fire and stay away from people and dogs.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words

Alaska is the largest, northernmost and westernmost state of the United States of America in terms of area.

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Sled dogs are special breeds of dogs, which are bred especially for these high requirements. The most famous breed is the Alaskan Husky.

Mountain passes are paths that lead over high mountains, on which you can then come back to the valley.

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