Traffic Noise Makes You Sick

Traffic noise makes people ill. This has been known for several years. The noise that traffic produces every day is poison for the human body. It damages the body and the psyche and is responsible for numerous chronic diseases responsible. A new study now proves that traffic noise does make people ill, but in a different way than previously assumed.

Noise Is Annoying And Makes People Ill

Everybody knows it: Airplanes thunder loudly over the house, cars race by on the street, often tearing us out of sleep with it, you hear horns and sirens from the fire department and police. All this makes our life worse. Not only in terms of comfort, but also in terms of our spirit. Many long-term illnesses are due to the noise around us. This has been known for several years and the diseases shorten our lives, make us permanently ill.

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Not All Noise Is The Same

According to the new study, it’s not about how loud noise is. The consequences noise has on people are related to where the noise comes from. For example, people who are bothered by airplane noise suffer from depression much more often than people who live near railroad tracks and have to experience the noise of trains. The risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system, on the other hand, is interestingly hardly increased by aircraft noise. So there is less to worry about a Heart attack than about a possible mental illness if one lives near an airport. Cardiovascular disease is more common in people who live near railroad tracks. It is also interesting to note that elementary school children learn more slowly and are not as receptive when they live near airports and have to endure the constant exposure to aircraft noise.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words:

Chronic diseases are diseases that do not occur only once for a short time, but last over a long period of time- sometimes even throughout life. The best-known chronic diseases are asthma, a respiratory disease in which people cannot breathe properly, and neurodermatitis, in which people have an itchy skin rash.

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In the case of a Heart attack, the heart can no longer pump blood properly through the body, usually because a blood vessel is blocked and hardly any blood can get through. A heart attack must be treated and operated on immediately in the hospital because otherwise, the person will die.

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