Treat Water Retention During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman’s body stores water. Most often, these water deposits are strongly noticeable on the legs and the ankles swell strongly. Often the pregnant woman notices the water retention only at the end of the day, especially if she has been standing or sitting for a long time. Water retention is also more noticeable than usual on particularly warm days. Sometimes there are also deposits on the face and hands. This can cause the forearms and hands to tingle. As long as the pregnant woman does not suffer from high blood pressure or high protein content in the urine, water retention is no cause for concern. However, under no circumstances should cures be used to combat water retention. This also applies to herbal remedies. There are many natural methods to treat water retention during pregnancy.

Treat Water Retention With Natural Methods

To reduce or prevent water retention, it is important to take the weight off your legs and elevate them at every opportunity. Try not to sit too long and keep your legs elevated when sitting. It is also a good idea to elevate your legs when you are in bed. A few books under the mattress will quickly achieve the desired effect. Your legs should always be higher than your pelvis. This ensures that your blood can be pumped more easily from the lower regions back to the heart and water retention is kept to a minimum. Additionally, it is recommended that you avoid tight clothing and shoes. You should also take off rings on your fingers so that they do not cut into the skin due to swollen fingers. Support stockings help with swollen legs. You should put them on immediately after getting up while lying down. This prevents too much blood from pooling in the legs and causing water retention. Most of the time, it also helps to take time off and give yourself bed rest. Even if it sounds paradoxical, drinking lots of water or fruit spritzers prevents water retention. However, please do not put in special spa days (rice or fruit) for dehydration, they will only harm you. Your body needs water and nutrients, especially during pregnancy. A balanced diet can also provide relief. You do not have to do without salt, as is often claimed. Regular exercise, such as a long walk, not only keeps you fit but also minimizes the pressure of the water. To stimulate blood circulation, it is recommended to use alternating showers and then massage the skin with a brush massage. To treat water retention immediately, a foot bath with salt water helps. For swelling on the face, a cooling cucumber mask helps. Either cut the cucumber into thin slices or mash it and mix it with some lean curd and apply it to cleansed skin.

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Homeopathic Remedies And Acupuncture

As an alternative to treat water retention with natural methods, homeopathic remedies can also be used. Diluted and potentized remedies from plants, animals, or minerals are used. Also, some midwives perform acupuncture treatments. With these methods, you should always consult your gynecologist or midwife beforehand. Also, if you have severe water retention, it is better to have a check-up with your gynecologist to make sure that the water retention is of natural origin.

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