3-Month Colic – Tips And; Tricks Against Abdominal Pain For Babies

When the belly pinches and the little one cries…… good advice is expensive.

Here Are A Few Tips That Make The Infamous 3-Month Colic A Little Easier

Called the abdominal pain of babies 3-month colic, because they occur mainly in the first 3-4 months of life. Where the bloating comes from is largely in the dark, but it is believed that the not yet mature digestive system of the dwarfs with food digestion at the beginning very much struggles. But already the knowledge of the duration of 3-4 months gives plagued parents and their offspring more confidence.

In addition, you can do good to your child and recognize, reduce and even avoid abdominal pain. If babies tighten their legs and then stretch them out again in a jerky manner, scream and whine as if on a spit, it can be assumed that stomach pains are plaguing the little rascal. Nevertheless, you should see a doctor after the first colic to clarify whether it is really that and the little earthling is otherwise healthy.

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If the tummy is already pinching, it helps to be close to mommy and daddy – even if babies don’t stop crying right away because of the attention, the closeness still helps to deal with the pain better. Hopping your baby in the “flyer position” helps it get rid of gas faster. Place the baby on the forearm and support the head with the hand. A gentle belly massage can also be very effective: drawing small circles on the baby’s tummy for a few minutes with the index and middle fingers can bring relief. For this purpose, there are special oils and ointments in the pharmacy that have an additional soothing effect on the digestive tract. It is best to ask at the pharmacy and get advice.

Well-tried and effective is fennel and caraway tea – unsweetened offer the baby a bottle of it. It is often very good to offer this tea to drink again and again during the day, this can have a preventive effect.

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It is also important to make sure that babies can already bring little air into the belly when drinking the baby milk. – This means that the bottle should not be shaken, but only tilted back and forth. It is also important to make sure that the teat of the bottle has the right size, i.e. corresponds to the age and type of the baby’s milk.

For mothers who are breastfeeding: watch what you have eaten on days when your offspring experience increased abdominal pain. – Substances from the mother’s food can also be absorbed by the baby through the mother’s milk. Often legumes, onion, and cabbage in the mother’s diet are not good for the baby’s tummy.

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