Turkish Boy Names: Find The Right Name For Your Boy

You are pregnant and about to give birth. You are thinking about what your son’s name could be. Often, finding a name is not that easy. What is the ideal Turkish boy’s name and what is its meaning or origin? Here you get a selection of possible Turkish boy names.

Turkish Boy Names

Many people have known for years what they want to name their child. But often choosing the right Turkish boy name for your baby can also be a real challenge. You have a big responsibility to find the right name for your newborn.

In some cases you may be be put under pressure by those around you. Too many people want to have a say, but the final decision lies with the parents. Again you can also get name suggestions from your personal environment, from numerous numerous sources of inspiration or from stars and movies.

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Due to the infinite choice of Turkish boy names, the naming can be quite a complicated affair. Whether the first name should be original or classic, short or long, depends on you. In addition, you have the choice between a single first name or double name. In addition, the question arises whether the meaning or origin of the name is important to you.

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Turkish Boy Names: Different Spellings

You are interested in turkish boy names. Turkish language is not related to Arabic, nevertheless, there are many first names that also occur in countries with Arabic language in similar spelling.


  • Muhammed (Turkish spelling)
  • Muhammad Or Mohammed (Arabic Spelling)

This boy name exists with all its variants. It is one of the most common boys’ first names in the world and is found in all Muslim countries.

Turkish Boy Names From The Koran

Given names that originate from the Quran or are otherwise associated with the Islamic religion are common among Turkish boy names.

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  • Muhammed (name of the Prophet)

The most popular Turkish boy names often start with “M”. Names in which the syllables “ay” and “han” occur are also very popular Turkish first names.

In some Turkish Boy names the accents “ç”, “ğ”, “ı” and “ş” are used. These are unfamiliar in german-speaking countries, so these names are often used without an accent accent.

In the Turkish language, there are also many boy names that begin with “C”, “Y” or “Z”. Often umlauts such as “ö” or “ü” also occur in Turkish boy names.


  • Aykan
  • Çağlar
  • Gökhan
  • Işık
  • Yağmur
  • Zülfikar

From A-Z: Turkish Boy Names With Origin And Meaning

Here you can find some different Turkish boy names for your newborn son.

Boy Names With A

Boy Names Origin Meaning
Abdulkadir Origin: Arabic Servant Of The Almighty
Adem Origin: Hebrew Form Of Adam, Earthling; In The Tanakh, The First Human Being
Adilcan Origin: Turkish Righteous Life, Righteous Soul
Adnan Origin: Arabic Grandson Of Abraham
Ahmed Origin: Turkish Most Common Given Name In Islam
Ahmet Origin: Turkish Most Common Given Name In Islam
Akın Origin: Turkish The Hero, The Brave
Alaz Origin: Turkish The God Of Fire
Alihan Origin: Turkish Sublime Ruler
Alihsan Origin: Turkish The Perfect
Alkan Origin: Turkish Blood Red
Alkım Origin: Turkish Rainbow
Alparslan Origin: Turkish Known Through Sultan Arp Arslan (11th century)
Altan Origin: Turkish Dawn
Altay Origin: Turkish A Figure From Turkish Mythology Altai Mountains In Asia
Altın Origin: Turkish The Golden
Arcan Origin: Turkish Clean Life
Arcun Origin: Turkish The Pure, The Clean, The White
Asil Origin: Turkish The Noble, The Noble
Aslan Origin: Turkish The Lion
Ateş Origin: Turkish Fire, Zeal
Attila Origin: Turkish Name Of The Leader Of The Huns Who Conquered Europe (5th Century)
Ayaz Origin: Turkish Arabic Mythical Figure
Aybars Origin: Turkish Moon And Leopard
Ayberk Origin: Turkish Radiant Like The Moon
Aykan Origin: Turkish Moon And Blood
Aytekin Origin: Turkish Like The Moon, Resembling The Moon
Azem Origin: Arabic The Beloved, Powerful
Aziz Origin: Arabic One Of The 99 Names Of Allah

Boy Names With B

Boy Names Origin Meaning
Bahadır Origin: Turkish The Brave
Bahattin Origin: Turkish Concerning The Important In Religion
Bahri Origin: Arabic Coming From The Sea Or River
Barış Origin: Turkish Peace, Harmony
Batuhan Origin: Turkish Ruler Of The West
Bayram Origin: Turkish The Name Of The Sacrificial Feast At The End Of Ramadan
Bedirhan Origin: Turkish Full Moon Prince
Behlül Origin: Turkish The Smiling One
Berk Origin: Turkish The Strong
Berkan Origin: Turkish Strong Leader
Berke Origin: Turkish The Powerful
Bilal Origin: Arabic Known Through Bilal Ibn Rabah, The First Muezzin (Caller To Prayer) Of Islam
Birol Origin: Turkish The Only One, The Unique One
Bulut Origin: Turkish The Cloud
Burak Origin: Turkish According To Islamic Tradition, A Winged Horse On Which Mohammed Rode To Heaven
Bünyamin Origin: Turkish In The Bible, The Youngest Son Of Jacob The Twelve Tribes Of Israel

Boy Names With C Or Ç

Boy’s Names Origin Meaning
Çağlar Origin: Turkish Lively Like The Waterfall
Can Origin: Turkish Life
Canberk Origin: Turkish Strong Soul
Caner Origin: Turkish Man With Soul, Soulful Man, Lively/Lovable Man
Cansın Origin: Turkish You Are A Friend
Cavit Origin: Turkish The Eternal, Everlasting
Celal Origin: Turkish Greatness, Glory
Cem Origin: Arabic Derived From The Persian Royal Name Jamshid (Short For Jam)
Cemil Origin: Turkish The Handsome, Handsome Man
Cengiz Origin: Turkish Powerful, Strong
Cengizhan Origin: Turkish Strong, Unyielding, Courageous Strong And Powerful Leader / Ruler
Cenk Origin: Turkish The Fighter, The Warrior
Cesur Origin: Turkish The Brave, The Courageous
Çetin Origin: Turkish The Heavy, The Difficult
Çınar Origin: Turkish Sycamore
Coşkun Origin: Turkish The Enthusiastic
Cuma Origin: Turkish Friday

Boy Names With D

Boy names Origin Meaning
Davut Origin: Turkish Turkish Form Of David
Demir Origin: Turkish Iron
Derviş Origin: Turkish The Tolerant, The Modest
Devran Origin: Turkish World, Time, Destiny, Course Of The World
Dinçer Origin: Turkish Sturdy Man
Direniş Origin: Turkish Resistance
Duhan Origin: Turkish Name Of A Sura From The Koran
Durmuş Origin: Turkish “Stopped”, Is Supposed To Express The Wish For A Long Life.

Boy Names With E

Boy names Origin Meaning
Ebubekir Origin: Arabic Father-In-Law Of Mohammed, First Caliph
Ediz Origin: Turkish The Sublime, The Valuable
Efekan Origin: Turkish The Strong, Brave, Fearless
Efkan Origin: Turkish Of Brave Descent
Ege Origin: Turkish Guardian; The Great, Exalted One
Emin Origin: Turkish Pet Name Of The Prophet Muhammad: Muhammad’ul Emin = Muhammad The Trustworthy
Emir Origin: Turkish Commander
Emirhan Origin: Turkish Ruler Over The Chiefs Of A Tribal People
Emrullah Origin: Turkish Command Of God
Ender Origin: Turkish The Rare, The Noble, The Rarity
Engin Origin: Turkish Wide, Endless
Ercan Origin: Turkish The Blood Of A Hero
Erdin Origin: Turkish The Wise, The Saint, The One Who Has Achieved Something
Ergün Origin: Turkish Early Rising Sun; Soft, Docile; Fine Rain, Light Snowfall
Erhan Origin: Turkish The Heroic Ruler
Ersin Origin: Turkish Hero, Brave, Courageous Man
Ertuğrul Origin: Turkish Name Of The Father Of Osman I
Eymen Origin: Turkish In Islam, Heaven Has Eight Gates, One Of Which Is Eymen
Ezel Origin: Turkish Beginning, Eternity

Boy Names With F

Boy Names Origin Meaning
Fahrettin Origin: Turkish Honored Person
Fahri Origin: Arabic The Volunteer
Fatih Origin: Turkish Epithet Of Sultan Mehmed II, The Conqueror Of Istanbul
Fehmi Origin: Turkish Related To Understanding
Ferhat Origin: Turkish Someone Who Conquers The Difficulties/Enemies And Conquers A Place
Feyyaz Origin: Turkish The Charitable
Fikret Origin: Turkish Thought, Goal, Intention; The Imaginative
Fırat Origin: Turkish Name For The River Euphrates
Fuat Origin: Turkish Heart, Soul, Spirit, Mind

Boy Names With G

Boy Names Origin Meaning
Galip Origin: Turkish The Winner
Gazi Origin: Turkish Invalid, Also In The Sense Of (War) Hero; Call, Shout, Cry
Gencay Origin: Turkish Young Moon
Giray Origin: Turkish Formerly Crimean Tatar Princely Title
Gökay Origin: Turkish Sky And Moon, Moon In The Sky
Gökhan Origin: Turkish According To An Urturkish Folk Belief The God Of Heaven
Gurur Origin: Turkish The Proud
Gültekin Origin: Turkish Rose Prince
Güney Origin: Turkish South
Güvence Origin: Turkish Security, Trust

Boy Names With H

Boy names Origin Meaning
Hacı Origin: Turkish The Pilgrim
Hakan Origin: Turkish Turkish And Mongolian Ruler Title
Halil Origin: Turkish Good Friend
Haluk Origin: Turkish Well-Bred, Friendly, Good-Natured, Sociable
Haydar Origin: Turkish Lion
Hayrettin Origin: Turkish The Saint Of Religion
Hüseyin Origin: Turkish Grandson Of The Prophet Mohammed

Boy Names With I

Boy names Origin Meaning
Ilhan Origin: Turkish Name Of A Dynasty Of Mongol Rulers In Iran (13th Century)
Ilyas Origin: Arabic In The Bible, Elijah Is A Great Prophet Who Fights Against The Baal Cult
Inan Origin: Turkish The Chastened Or The Faith
Işık Origin: Turkish Light, Brightness, Brightness Of The Eyes
Ismet Origin: Turkish Name Of A Prophet
Isyan Origin: Turkish Resistance, Rebellion
Izet Origin: Turkish Pride, Honor, Value, Greatness
Izzettin Origin: Turkish 1. Appreciation, Honor Shown, Strength
2. Respect

Boys Names With J

Boys Name Origin Meaning
Jakup Origin: Turkish Form Of Jacob
Junus Origin: Turkish Form Of Jonas

Boy Names With K

Boy Names Origin Meaning
Kaan Origin: Turkish A Mongolian Ruler Title
Kadir Origin: Arabic Derived From The Compound Word “Abd-al-Qadir” (Servant Of The Mighty One); The “Mighty One” Means Allah
Karahan Origin: Turkish Dark-Skinned Ruler
Kartal Origin: Turkish The Eagle
Kayahan Origin: Turkish Strong Ruler
Kenan Origin: Turkish Great Grandson Of Adam
Korhan Origin: Turkish The Fiery One, The King Of Fire
Kubilay Origin: Turkish Mongolian Ruler Kublai Khan

Boy Names With L

Boy names Origin Meaning
Levent Origin: Turkish Handsome, Respectable Person
Lodos Origin: Turkish Southwest Wind On The Mediterranean Sea In Turkey
Lokman Origin: Turkish A Legendary Figure Of Arab Paganism

Boys Names With M

Boy Names Origin Meaning
Mazlum Origin: Turkish The Innocent, The One Without Sin
Mehmet Origin: Turkish Comes From The Same Root Word As ‘Muhammad’
Menderes Origin: Turkish The Winding River Meander
Mengühan Origin: Turkish Immortal Ruler
Merdin Origin: Turkish The Brave, The Smart
Mete Origin: Turkish Ruler Of The Xiongnu
Metehan Origin: Turkish Brave, Heroic Fighter
Mevlüt Origin: Turkish He Was Born, He Came Into The World
Mikail Origin: Turkish In The Old Testament Michael Is One Of The Four Archangels
Miraç Origin: Turkish Gate Of Heaven
Muhammed Origin: Arabic Prophet Muhammad, The Founder Of Islam (570-632)
Muharrem Origin: Arabic First Month Of The Islamic Calendar
Murat Origin: Turkish Desire, The Desired
Musa Origin: Arabic Form Of Moses
Mustafa Origin: Turkish Epithet Of The Prophet Muhammad; One Of The Most Common Names In The Islamic World
Muzaffer Origin: Turkish Victorious, Triumphant
Mücahit Origin: Turkish Fighter, Warrior, Soldier

Boy Names With N

Boy names Origin Meaning
Naci Origin: Turkish The Liberated One; Also, The One Who Has Earned Paradise
Namık Origin: Arabic Scribe
Nazareth Origin: Turkish Name Of The Israeli City
Nejdet Origin: Turkish The Warrior
Nesim Origin: Turkish Light Breeze, Fresh Wind
Nezih Origin: Turkish The Pure
Nihat Origin: Turkish The Temperamental
Niyazi Origin: Turkish The One Who Worships God
Nurdoğan Origin: Turkish Born As Pure As The Light
Nurican Origin: Turkish Shining Soul, Shining Life
Nusret Origin: Turkish Help, Success

Boy Names With O Or Ö

Boy Names Origin Meaning
Oğan Origin: Turkish God Of Heaven/Peace; The Strong One
Oktay Origin: Turkish Lunar Eclipse
Onurcan Origin: Turkish Proud, Dignified Ruler
Orhan Origin: Turkish Lord Of The City
Osman Origin: Turkish Founder Of The Ottoman Empire (14th Century); A Popular Name Throughout The Islamic World
Öcal Origin: Turkish Take Revenge
Önder Origin: Turkish Guide, Leader, Guide, Chairman
Özer Origin: Turkish Real Man
Özgür Origin: Turkish Free, Living In Freedom, Independent
Öztürk Origin: Turkish True Turk

Boy Names With P

Boy Names Origin Meaning
Perk Origin: Turkish Advantage, Incentive, Special Bonus”
Poyraz Origin: Turkish Name Of The Northeast Wind On The Black Sea In Turkey
Pusat Origin: Turkish Weapon, The Fighter

Boy Names With R

Boys Name Origin Meaning
Ramazan Origin: Turkish Fasting Month, The Ninth Month In The Arabic Calendar
Rasim Origin: Arabic The Traughtsman, Painter, Writer, Poet; Praised, Extolled, Extolled Bosnian: Strong Warrior
Recai Origin: Turkish Origin
Recep Origin: Turkish ‘Rajab’, The 7th Month Of The Islamic Calendar
Refik Origin: Turkish Companion, Friend, Comrade
Resul Origin: Turkish The Messenger (Of God)
Rüstü Origin: Turkish Gift
Rüzgar Origin: Turkish The Wind

Boy Names With S Or Ş

Boy names Origin Meaning
Şaban Origin:Turkish Form Of Stefan Or Stephan
Sadık Origin: Turkish The faithful, The Loyal
Safet Origin: Turkish The Pure, The Sincere
Salih Origin: Arabic Name Of A Gentile Prophet Sent By God To The Thamud People (According To Qur’anic Suras 7 And 11)
Samet Origin: Arabic Belongs To The Islamic Prayer And Is Also Often Found In The Koran
Savaş Origin: Turkish Fight
Sebahattin Origin: Turkish The Morning
Seçkin Origin: Turkish Excellent
Sedat Origin: Turkish The Righteous One
Sefa Origin: Turkish Pleasure
Selçuk Origin: Turkish Ruler Of The Turkish Princely Dynasty Of The Seljuks
Semican Origin: Turkish Generous Life
Sener Origin: Turkish Lucky Charms
Serbest Origin: Turkish The Free
Serdar Origin: Turkish Leader, Commander, Supreme Commander
Sertaç Origin: Turkish The Respected, The Beloved
Seyithan Origin: Turkish The Little One
Seymen Origin: Turkish Who Honors The People
Sıddık Origin: Turkish The Sincere, Truth Lover
Siraç Origin: Turkish One Of The Names Of The Prophet Mohammed
Soner Origin: Turkish Last/Last Born Hero/Soldier
Sunay Origin: Turkish The Present
Suleyman Origin: Arabic In the Bible, Solomon Was A King Of Israel and Judah Known For His Wisdom
(9th century B.C.)

Boy Names With T

Boy Names Origin Meaning
Taha Origin: Arabic The 20th Sura Of The Koran
Tahir Origin: Turkish Chaste, Virtuous, Pure, Pious
Taner Origin: Turkish A Shining Hero, Like The Glow In The Dawn
Tarkan Origin: Turkish Among Various Central Asian Peoples, A Title Or Military Rank
Tekin Origin: Turkish The Reliable, The Unique, The Exceptional
Timuçin Origin: Turkish Birth Name Of Genghis Khan
Tolgahan Origin: Turkish Strong King/Leader/Ruler
Toygar Origin: Turkish Skylark Name
Tufan Origin: Turkish Storm
Tuncay Origin: Turkish Describes The Gray Color Of The Moon At The Transition To Full Moon
Turhan Origin: Turkish Of Noble Descent

Boy Names With U Or Ü

Boy names Origin Meaning
Ufuk Origin: Turkish Horizon
Uğur Origin: Turkish Luck, Lucky Charm, The Skillful One
Utku Origin: Turkish The Winner
Ümit Origin: Turkish Hope
Ünal Origin: Turkish Become Famous

Boy Names With V

Boy names Origin Meaning
Vahdet Origin: Turkish Unity, Unity (Also With God)
Vefa Origin: Turkish The Loyal, The Faithful, The Steadfast
Volkan Origin: Turkish Volcano

Boy Names With Y

Boy names Origin Meaning
Yağmur Origin: Turkish Rain
Yakup Origin: Turkish Form Of Jacob
Yasin Origin: Arabic From The First Letters Of The 36th Sura Of The Koran
Yavuz Origin: Turkish The Strict
Yetkin Origin: Turkish The Competent, The Talented
Yiğitcan Origin: Turkish Brave, Heroic Life
Yıldız Origin: Turkish Star

Boy Names With Z

Boy names Origin Meaning
Zafer Origin: Turkish Victory
Zaim Origin: Turkish Leader
Zarif Origin: Arabic The Fine, The Elegant
Zeynel Origin: Turkish Great-Grandson Of The Prophet Mohammed
Zülfikar Origin: Turkish Sword Of The Prophet
Zuelfü Origin: Turkish Temporal Curl

Find The Perfect Turkish Boy Name

To find the right name for your baby, you can first ask around in your personal environment or look in baby name books in advance.

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Afterwards, you can make a list of names to help you choose. You could set yourself a limit of the names listed. For example, you can write down 10 Turkish boy names with the meaning or origin.

Thus, you can test the first name and see how it sounds. Often, in addition to the meaning, the pronunciation of the name plays a role. Especially with Turkish names that are to be used in German-speaking countries, care should be taken that it is also easy to pronounce for German tongues.




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