Unusual And Interesting: Rare Boy Names

Nowadays, every third boy is named Elias, Leon, Max, or Ben. Many parents are annoyed by this and would like to have an unusual boy’s name that stands out. Are you also looking for stylish, rare boy names? In this article, you will find some suggestions!

Why Choose Rare Boy Names?

Most people want to avoid confusion. With common names, especially in school classes, children may be branded as “Paul 1” and “Paul 2” or as “Paul R.” and “Paul S.”. No parent wants that.

Rare boy names make your son feel special and unique. Sometimes they can even act as conversation starters when he mentions his name and other people ask, “That’s an interesting name, where did that come from?”

However, make sure the name doesn’t put any hurdles in your son’s way. It should also be spellable – your son certainly won’t be happy with a constant “Huh?” and “What?” either.

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Rare Boy Names With Beautiful Meanings

A rare boy’s name shows that your son is something very special. He himself will also get this feeling from his unusual name and will always know on his way: I only exist once!

To strengthen this feeling, it is a great idea to choose boy names with interesting meanings. Whether strong and powerful or sweet and sunny – there is a beautiful boy name for every taste.

  • Arvid – the eagle.
  • Damian – the mighty.
  • Jaron – he will be happy.
  • Casimir – the bringer of peace.
  • Kiran – the sunbeam.
  • Lucian – the light, the shining one.
  • Navid – the glad tidings.
  • Valerian – the healthy one, the strong one.

Rare Boy Names From Other Languages

Rare does not always have to mean unknown. Some boy names are very popular in other cultures, but in our latitudes, they are rarely found as a child name. Therefore, just browse through international name lists!

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Interesting names, which also have a nice meaning, are for example Nordic, Japanese or Latin boy names. In any case, make sure that your son’s name matches his last name – especially with English first names, this is often difficult.

Nordic Boy Names

  • Jannis (Yahweh is kind).
  • Kjell (the helmet).
  • Ragnar (the warrior).
  • Sören (the serious one).

Latin And Greek Boy Names

  • Aurelius (the Golden).
  • Lean (man of the people).
  • Quentin (the Fifth).
  • Tamino (lord, master).
  • Titus (the Venerable).

Asian Boy Names

  • Akeno (Dawn).
  • Haruto (the flying one).
  • Sora (the Heaven).
  • Takashi (the Great).

Boy Names With Famous Name Bearers

No matter how beautiful the name of your child is, you should always be careful that you do not expose your little son to it. Therefore, watch out for well-known name bearers. Nero, for example, is a very pretty and rare name, but it is also the emperor who burned down Rome.

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However, there are also beautiful rare boy names that will definitely bring your child more pride than problems. These include, for example, the names of Greek and Roman heroes or people from the Bible.

  • Aeneas – mythological hero, known as the progenitor of the Romans.
  • Hector – a warrior who defended Troy.
  • Levi – biblical progenitor.
  • Remus – brother of Romulus and one of the founders of Rome.
  • Samson – biblical judge.

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