Unusual And Interesting: Rare Girls’ Names

Emma, Mia, and Hanna have been perennial favorites in the top ten of the most popular girls’ names for years, and in 2018 these three are once again at the top of the rankings. Are you looking for creative names? In this article, you’ll find some suggestions for rare girls’ names!

Why Should It Be A Rare Girl’s Name?

No question, of course, these are also beautiful, timeless names. But no one really wants their own child to be addressed only by first and last name in school in a few years, because otherwise, ten other children will be up.

Here we would like to introduce you to a few beautiful girls’ names that are chosen rather rarely. And you will see that it does not necessarily have to be completely crazy creations to give his child a name that you do not hear so often

From The Far North – Girls’ Names From Northern Germany And Scandinavia


Derived from the Low German word “lev” (“dear”), this name has the meaning “the love”. The suffix -ke represents the cose form. The spelling “Levke” is also possible.

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Mystically it becomes with this Scandinavian name, which one hears in Germany rather rarely. Translated, the name Runa means as much as “the mysterious or enchanting”.


“The smiling one” is the beautiful meaning of this name from Scandinavia. It is derived from the Danish word for “smile”.


This name is very established in Sweden (proper name: Sverige) as a patriotic name. In this country, it is given much less frequently. The word Svea means lake, but as a name, it is often freely translated as “little Swedish girl”.


The girl’s name Lavea is not heard too often in our country. It originates from Sweden and translates as “fiery girl” or “warm heart”.

God So Close – Rare Girls’ Names That Mean “Heaven”


A variation of the Persian word “minoo”, meaning “paradise” or “heaven.” This name is also known in the French-speaking world, where it means “little kitten”.


The name Neyla is very common in many regions of North Africa as well as in Hawaii. In Germany, it is found only very sporadically. The beautiful translation for this girl’s name is “girl from paradise”. In the African region, the meaning “fulfillment” is also known.

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Beautiful Girls Names That Mean “Love”


The name Mabelle can be derived from the French “ma belle” (my beauty) as well as from the Latin “amabilis” (lovely).


This short, beautiful name is known in many different regions of the world and carries equally diverse meanings. In the African region, this name means something like “aim” or “will”. In Ireland, it is one of the very well-known girls’ names, as here it is attributed to the daughter of the sea god “Niamh”. In many areas, it is used as a cose form for girls’ names ending in -nia.

Other Beautiful Girls’ Names With Different Meanings


The name Ona is derived in Lithuania from the name Anna, which is popular all over the world. This carries the meaning “the graced one”, which also applies to the Lithuanian form.


This name comes from the Flemish region and is a cose form of the very well-known name Eva. Derived from this, the meaning is “the living one”.

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