Vasectomy: The Sterilization Of The Man

Vasectomy is sterilization in men. But what exactly is done? How does the procedure work and what helps in the decision-making process? If you are thinking about having a vasectomy, you will find all the facts, figures, and decision-making aids here.

What Exactly Is A Vasectomy?

Male sterilization is also called vasectomy. The word itself only describes the removal or separation of vessels, but it has come to mean sterilization in everyday usage. During the procedure, the two vas deferens in the scrotum are cut.

As a result, sperm continues to be produced, but it no longer enters the urethra and will not leave the body during ejaculation. This is in contrast to castration, which completely and permanently prevents sperm from being produced.

Why Is A Vasectomy Performed?

Worldwide, about 3% of all men between the ages of 20 and 44 undergo vasectomy. The distribution of the procedure varies greatly depending on the country – in Germany it is less than 3%, in Canada 22% and in Korea almost 18%.

There is no medical indication for vasectomy, the reason for the procedure is simply to prevent unwanted pregnancies. According to the Pearl Index, it is one of the safest contraceptive methods of all, the index is 0.1%, so out of 1000 couples, only one couple has an unwanted pregnancy despite sterilization from the male.

Compared to other contraceptive methods, vasectomy is one of the least risky and least complicated methods. One surgical procedure, and the issue of unwanted pregnancy is over: without hormone changes, without annoying reminders.

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Questions That Men Should Ssk Themselves Before Sterilization

  • Have I really finally finished planning to have children? It is possible to reverse the vasectomy – but this is not promising.
  • Does my partner, if I have one, agree to the procedure?
  • Do I have time for at least 3 regular follow-up visits? If you have a vasectomy done quickly during your vacation, you run a high risk, because the check-ups are very important.
  • Have I been informed about the costs of the procedure and follow-up examinations?
  • Am I aware that, in addition to medical complications, there may be psychological sequelae?

Planning The Dterilization

Male Sterilization Requires A Clarifying Discussion

It is not possible to just go to the doctor and get sterilized. Every doctor makes an appointment with another doctor after the initial consultation – this may well be within the same practice.

This second appointment is for psychological counseling and an assessment of whether you have carefully considered your decision. After a positive assessment by the second doctor, you can then make an appointment for the procedure. Urologists with outpatient surgery perform the surgery in their office, but you may be referred to a clinic.

Who Pays For Male Sterilization?

Since 2004, you have to bear the costs yourself in Germany, since a vasectomy is considered part of personal life planning and is no longer covered by health insurance.

There are exceptional medical cases, such as erectile dysfunction due to constant fear of an unwanted pregnancy or chronic vas deferensitis. For a vasectomy you should calculate 400-500 euros – this usually includes 2 follow-up spermiograms.

However, you should make at least 3 follow-up appointments. If you would like to have the procedure performed under general anesthesia, it will be correspondingly more expensive.

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Preparation For Vasectomy

Some men want to have sex again the day or morning before the operation – but this may not be good for the psyche. Male sterilization only affects the ability to conceive, not the potency.

The scrotum and the skin around the testicles should be shaved. If you do not want to do it yourself, the respective medical staff can do it. You should not go to the surgery on an empty stomach – unless you are getting general anesthesia – because your circulation may drop due to excitement. Wear comfortable loose pants – tight jeans are uncomfortable for the first few days after the vasectomy.

The Vasectomy Procedure

  • After the local anesthesia is given, the skin is cut for a few millimeters with a scalpel on the left and right sides of the upper part of the scrotum.
  • In order for the sterilization to be successful, small parts of the vas deferens are cut out on both sides.
  • To be sure that the tissue removed is really from the vas deferens, part of it is tested in a laboratory.
  • The open ends of the vas deferens are either sutured or sclerosed with electricity.
  • The skin incisions are sutured.

Done The whole procedure takes between 15 and 30 minutes.

Male Sterilization Without A Scalpel?

For several years now, a microsurgical procedure has been established that no longer requires large skin incisions. No-scalpel sterilization works with tiny punctures of the skin that do not require suturing.

The results so far have been good, but the success of the operation must be checked more often, as recananlization occurs more frequently: a renewal of the vas deferens contact points by the body.

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What You Dhould Keep In Mind During Aftercare After Sterilization

Now the test of patience begins: You are not immediately infertile! You should refrain from having sex for the first few days and keep a close eye on the edges of the wound. When you have sex again, you must remember that there may still be seen in the urethra or prostate.

It takes about 20-25 ejaculations after the vasectomy until no more sperm show up under the microscope. Only after two check-ups, 8 and 12 weeks after the sterilization, you can get a contraceptive release from the urologist. After about 10 days, the stitches will be removed, if the sterilization was performed classically.

Male Sterilization: Don’t Skimp On The Costs

Since costs are incurred due to these control examinations during male sterilization, some men like to omit a control. But this should not happen! After one year at the latest, it should be checked again whether the vas deferens have reconnected. Reconnection occurs in one out of 3000 cases.

After Vasectomy: How Does It Work In Bed Now?

Many couples report more intense and emotional sex because the thought of contraception is gone. The ejaculate becomes a little stickier over time, but does not change much. Libido and erectile function remain the same after vasectomy as before.

A vasectomy does not affect a man’s hormone balance. However, if pregnancy still occurs, mothers usually notice it very late – too late to terminate the pregnancy because they simply did not expect it.

Possible Risks And Side Effects Of Vasectomy

Like any other surgical procedure, male sterilization is associated with risks. However, complications happen very rarely. For very agitated men, it is recommended to invest in general anesthesia, because then they will not be able to fidget during the procedure.

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The Psyche

Getting sterilized can be a psychological strain for some men. In such cases, therapists provide good help.

Testicular Pressure

In rare cases, there is increased and painful testicular pressure during ejaculation, which is then related to an excessively strong ejaculation and insufficient space in the scrotum.

Pain After The Operation

Vasectomy is an intervention in the integrity of the body and is therefore accompanied by pain after the anesthesia wears off. The pressure and tenderness usually lasts only a few days.

The wound edges can become infected – hygiene is especially important after toilet visits. Even if the wound is painful: attention must be paid to cleanliness. The wound may bleed slightly in the first 24 hours, especially with no-scalpel sterilization. This is not a cause for concern.

Can The Vasectomy Be Reversed?

Yes and no. Unlike female sterilization, there is a possibility of interacting surgery. This involves reconnecting the vas deferens to the urethra. Such an operation must be performed under general anesthesia, as it involves millimeter work.

For the so-called recanalization of sterilization in men, costs of about 3000 euros are incurred, which the patient must pay himself. The success of recanalization is possible, but in more than 15% of cases there is no renewed ability to procreate.

In this case couples can resort to artificial ins emination by surgical removal of sperm cells.

Vasectomy: Yes Or No?

This depends very much on the individual situation. Basically, a vasectomy is an extremely safe contraceptive method with very low risks. So if you are really finished with planning children, perhaps because you feel you are too old to be a father or because you are a secure carrier of serious hereditary diseases, vasectomy is a good option for you.

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