Want To Cool Down? – 10 Tips Against Heat For You And Your Family

Together with your family you were looking forward to the Summer with warm temperatures, trips to nature, and long summer nights. Every now and then, however, the temperatures can be quite exhausting. To remedy this, we have put together 10 tips against heat for you.

Fun In The Pool

One of the best tips against heat? Water. Those with their own pool in the garden. You may not be able to swim perhaps not really. But splashing and diving are possible in any case.

The best place for the pool is in a shady spot in the garden or protected by a parasol. Breaks are also important so that your child’s skin doesn’t burn. None of the tips against heat but important for the health of your child: You must be sure to put lotion on it to protect it from the sun.

The Lawn Sprinkler

Of course, the lawn sprinkler is actually there to supply the plants and the lawn with water. But what it can also do? Give your children a lot of joy.

It’s so much fun jumping through the wall of rain when the sprinkler is doing its job.

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For the amusement of your child there are even special lawn sprinklers, for example, in the shape of a flower. They sprinkle wildly and uncontrollably the lawn when they are connected to the water hose. So they provide a lot of action.

The Paddling Pool

For all those who do not have a garden but a balcony, perhaps a small place for a paddling pool can be found. For diving that is not enough for splashing with the feet but all the same. If you and your kids really let off steam, no T-shirt will remain dry.

The Water Gun

Water pistols are available in all conceivable sizes and colors. There are very small ones that spray water only a few meters away and from which you hardly get wet.

Then there are also the big water guns. With those, a lot of water can be shot quite far in a short time. Another Advantage? They have a large tank and do not have to be refilled so often be refilled

So you can have a merry water fight together.

Drink A Lot

When it’s hot, it’s not only good to cool down your body. It is also important that you and your children drink enough. This is not directly one of the tips against heat but really necessary.

The best refreshment is of course water. But if the little ones too little taste, then cold, unsweetened teas are also super thirst-quenching.

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Wet Rags

Your little one is still a bit young to play and splashing in the water. Another of the tips against heat and for quick cooling is a cold washcloth.

Your little one can chew on it and play with it. The big advantage: The evaporation of the water cools the skin. Thus a pleasant freshness.

The Right Food

Of course, the right food must not be on hot days missing. Nobody in your family really has an appetite in this heat? In the kitchen should not become even warmer by cooking? That’s understandable!

A great alternative to heavy, hot food is fruit. Especially those with high mineral and water content replenish your family’s water balance. Fruits like melons, peaches and strawberries are especially good for this.

But also other foods such as cucumbers and tomatoes are good idea. Combined with yogurt, cottage cheese or mozzarella, you can conjure up refreshing meals.

Airy Clothes

Airy clothing for your child is the best solution in summer. Fabrics such as linen or cotton are air-permeable, but protect against UV radiation.

Of course, it’s tempting to reach for the shortest clothes in your closet. But especially if you spend time with your child in the sun, it’s important to pay attention to sun protection. That’s why slightly longer clothing alongside sunscreen is often a better choice for your child than one of these tips against heat.

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Avoid Midday Heat

At midday and in the afternoon, the heat is at its greatest and ozone levels are at their highest. It is best for your child to stay indoors stay indoors during this time.

Of course, you can’t plan your entire day around according to the weather. Nevertheless, if possible, you should try to postpone strenuous physical activities earlier in the morning or later in the evening hours.

Adjust Your Sleeping Rhythm

Short-term heat may well turn into an entire heatwave. If the heat is more prolonged, you can adjust your child’s daily rhythm.

Maybe your child is so tired from the heat that he or she is tired again by noon, that he is already tired by midday. The midday nap is perhaps no longer an issue, but it’s a great way to rest during a heatwave to rest. In the afternoon there is not so much going on in this weather anyway.

You can then simply spend the evening hours together. It’s getting cooler outside and the whole family is together again. You can romp together in the garden and play ball. Then admire the sunset and eat an ice cream

One of the most important tips against heat, to get as much sleep as possible at night: Try to keep the apartment as cool as possible. Air early in the morning and late in the evening. Then it is cooler outside than inside. During the day, keep the windows and doors closed as much as possible and block out the sun with shutters or blinds.

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These tips against heat can not reduce it, but hopefully, make it bearable. You will certainly find the right rhythm for you and your family to make the most of the weather. Then nothing will stand in the way of a great summer for you and you can enjoy the warm days

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