Pregnancy weeks / pregnancy calendar

Pregnancy in trimester 1

The weeks of pregnancy SSW in the first trimester at a glance:

In the first trimester of pregnancy, women feel a change in their body. However, certainty as to whether you are pregnant or not can only be provided by an appropriate test at the beginning, even if many signs point to a pregnancy. If it turns out that you are pregnant, you will quickly notice that the body changes noticeably as the pregnancy progresses. The breast becomes larger, the blood circulation is stimulated significantly more and also the uterus begins to grow, which is noticeable by a pulling in the lower abdomen.

But a lot also happens in the embryo during the first trimester. The organs are formed and the head, arms and hands, legs and feet begin to develop. In the brain, the nerve cells form and begin to network. And all this, although at this time a pregnancy is not yet visible externally.

Pregnancy in trimester 2

The weeks of pregnancy SSW in the second trimester at a glance:

Most pregnant women are happy when the first 13 SSW are over. In the second trimester, it is usually the case that the body has now stabilized due to the pregnancy and has fully adjusted to the development of the baby. For most of the pregnant women now begin the SSW, which are the most relaxed of the entire pregnancy. Inwardly, every woman has adjusted to becoming a mother and one is very much looking forward to the baby.

Pregnancy in trimester 3

The weeks of pregnancy SSW in the third trimester at a glance:

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the due date is now fast approaching, even if it can’t go fast enough for one or the other pregnant woman. The comparably relaxed part of pregnancy in the second trimester is now over and a rather arduous time begins for the expectant mother. Back pain sets in, the feet swell and the first false contractions become noticeable. The belly gets bigger and bigger and with it the freedom of movement for the expectant mother becomes significantly restricted.

For the most part, the baby is only growing and gaining weight in this third trimester. The baby’s organism, on the other hand, is almost completely mature. The body proportions now fit and it is now only a matter of increasing weight and size. Also, the child is now clearly noticeable with child movements and lead, especially at night, the expectant mother often to a bad night’s sleep. The baby’s head begins to lower towards the mother’s pelvis due to the decreasing space in the uterine cavity, and assumes the typical embryonic position..

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Pregnancy is divided into trimesters

The course of a pregnancy is divided into three sections, the so-called trimesters. Each of these sections is about 13 weeks. In the individual weeks of pregnancy, abbreviated SSW, always quite a lot happens and here you will find clear and detailed explanations of what is happening in the respective SSW with you or the growing child in your belly.

Many questions arise during pregnancy

For some, pregnancy often comes as a surprise, for others a long-cherished wish finally comes true. However, both have one thing in common, namely to experience everything and to know what is now coming up in the next few months. A pregnancy up to the birth is an exciting affair for all women. In our pregnancy calendar, we provide an overview of all weeks of pregnancy, so that pregnant women can quickly and easily get comprehensive information about your suitable SSW.

What happens to one’s own body, how do the changes become noticeable, when do they occur. How does the child develop? What should I pay attention to in order to protect the child and myself? What can I do about any complaints that arise? Questions about questions that interest every expectant mother, but also the expectant father, and answers are sought. Schwerlastregal


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