What Are Contractions? Harmless Or A Cause For Concern?

Your pregnancy is coming to an end? A clear sign of this is the so-called sinking pains! These start at irregular intervals, especially in the last weeks before birth. Your baby is brought into the right position for the birth . But what are contractions? And should you be worried about them? You can find out here.

What Are Contractions?

Don’t panic, the birth is not starting yet! Contractions are contractions that prepare your body for birth but do not start it yet. They only serve to lower your baby deeper into your pelvis in order to be brought into an optimal position for the birth. Your baby’s head will make contact with the entrance to the pelvis, putting pressure on the cervix – an enormously important process in the last trimester of your pregnancy.

You may also feel that you are breathing better. Why is that? Your baby is now further away from your lungs and is no longer compressing them.

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How Do I Recognize A Contraction?

Descending contractions are characterized by a slight pulling sensation in your back or abdomen that occurs at irregular intervals. However, the intensity of the contractions varies from woman to woman. Some hardly notice them or not at all, others suffer from the unpleasant pain.

Another sign that your baby has descended: You need to urinate more often. Your baby is now putting a lot of pressure on your bladder.

Basically, it can be said that sinking contractions occur from around the 36th week of pregnancy. They last about 30 seconds to one minute and can occur regularly over several hours, but also at long intervals.

When Can Contractions Occur?

The contractions usually start from the 36th week. However, if you have already given birth to a child, they may not occur until a later stage of your pregnancy. This is because the baby is already lower in the pelvis due to the previous birth.

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Is There A Difference Between Training Contractions And Real Contractions?

You don’t need to worry if you can’t immediately classify the first noticeable contractions. This is completely normal. You will probably wonder whether these are still practice contractions or already real contractions or even just sinking contractions. At first, you will still have difficulty telling these contractions apart.

But the closer it gets to birth, the more certain you will be. You’ll notice that there’s almost no difference between training contractions and low contractions and that they feel pretty much the same.

You will notice that your abdomen only hardens during both practice contractions and descending contractions. This is due to the contractions of the uterus, which also cause a pulling sensation in your abdomen or back. Exercise contractions, however, occur at a fairly early stage of your pregnancy (around the 25th week) and are hardly painful.

If you are in the last few weeks of your pregnancy and notice contractions that feel off, you can take this test:
Take a nice relaxing bath and pay attention to your pain.

If you notice that the pain is getting much less, it is exercise or preterm labor. However, if the contractions become stronger and more regular, they are most likely real labor pains.

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What Can I Do About The Pain?

Pain can sometimes spoil the joy of pregnancy. Therefore, here are some tips and advice that will help you a little.
Heat, for example, is a well-known way to relieve pain. Many pregnant women find this soothing.

Basically, you should try to relax as much as possible. No matter how. Snuggle up in your favorite blanket, take a nice bubble bath or drink some tea. Raspberry leaf tea is a great choice. It has a cramping effect but should be discussed with your midwife beforehand, as it loosens the cervix and can trigger contractions.
By the way, you can also relax with breathing exercises.

If you have been to a preparation course, you can now apply the techniques you have learned. Yoga is also a great way to relax and avoid stress.

Should I See A Doctor? If So, When?

The contractions of your uterus in the last weeks of pregnancy are completely normal and harmless. However, if the pain of contractions does not subside on its own, or if it continues and even becomes stronger, you should talk to your doctor or midwife to be on the safe side.

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What Should I Be Aware Of In The Event Of A Contraction?

In the last phase of your pregnancy, you may feel a contraction every now and then. Sinking contractions are felt as pain in the back or in the abdomen. Contractions of the uterus are completely normal.

The purpose of contractions is to lower your baby deeper into your pelvis so that it is in an optimal position for the upcoming birth.
However, you can do a few things against the pain. Basically, it is recommended to do everything that is good for you and relaxes you. This can be a nice bubble bath or your favorite tea. Breathing exercises also help to relax you. Yoga is also a great way to reduce stress.

However, if the contractions do not subside on their own, or even get worse, contact your doctor or midwife as soon as possible.



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