What Does Crafting With Toddlers Have To Do With Your Child’s Healthy Development?

Crafting with toddlers is more important than you think. If you previously thought that children were only interested in and enjoy crafting and creating at kindergarten or preschool age, you should take a closer look at our craft ideas for children.

Even toddlers like to tinker and you can promote your child’s development early on with suitable craft activities. Just give it a try: At Christmas crafting with children, at joint crafting at a child’s birthday party or whenever you and your child feel like crafting.

Crafting With Toddlers Promotes Creativity And Is Fun

In this article, you’ll learn how you can support your child’s motor and creative development with cleverly selected craft ideas for children. Joint crafting with toddlers strengthens the relationship with your child and provides a great sense of achievement.

These are also important for the youngest children. Make sure that the craft templates are adapted to the age and developmental stage of your child. If it’s too difficult, it’s no fun, but there should still be a bit of a challenge.

Encourage and challenge is, as always in education, a good motto. Our tips for crafting with toddlers will help you find easy-to-implement craft ideas for kids: Christmas crafts with kids or crafts at a child’s birthday party provide variety and a sense of achievement.

Crafting With Toddlers Is Good For Your Child’s Brain Development:

Get inspired by craft ideas for children for the Christmas season or for the children’s birthday and introduce a regular joint craft hour with your child. You’ll see how your child looks forward to trying out new crafting techniques all the time, training self-confidence and dexterity along the way.

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Especially in this day and age, when even the very youngest children are adept at using tablets and smartphones, it is important to create a haptic counterbalance: When tinkering with toddlers, the neuroplasticity of the brain is specifically promoted.

This means that important neural connections are formed in your child’s brain, which will benefit him or her later in kindergarten and school. Many kindergarten children can already handle a PC better than scissors.

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It is therefore best to encourage an interest in handicrafts as early as the toddler stage. Finger games are also an important contribution to healthy development in infancy.

Which Materials Are Suitable For Crafting With Toddlers?

The more different experiences your child has in the first years of life, the better this is for the healthy development of the brain. So you should be creative and offer your child different materials for crafting as often as possible:

  • Tracing paper
  • Crepe paper
  • Finger paints
  • Paper mache
  • Salt dough
  • Acorns
  • Chestnuts
  • Wool
  • Feathers
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Leaves
  • Pebbles
  • Absorbent cotton, etc.

Crafting With Toddlers: The Ultimate Craft Box For Bad Weather Days

Weather too bad for the playground? Then today is the perfect day for crafting: When kids are crafting, they should have plenty of space and materials to let their imaginations and creativity run wild.

A large play cardboard or plastic sheet that serves as a base is practical, because when crafting with toddlers, things sometimes go awry. In a large wooden box or cardboard box, you can collect waste paper and packaging to later craft creative works of art with your child:

Particularly suitable for crafting with toddlers are:

  • Empty toilet rolls.
  • Empty kitchen paper rolls.
  • Egg cartons.
  • Tetrapacks
  • Corks
  • Beer felts.
  • Packaging material and corrugated cardboard.
  • Paper plates and paper cups.
  • Old catalogs and magazines of all kinds.
  • Old wrapping paper.

Craft Instructions For Craft Box

Maybe your child will have a lot of fun making his or her first craft box. A large cardboard box is covered all around with colorful paper. For very young children, it’s a good idea to cut out small pictures from children’s magazines or old comics and have the child stick them on the box.

Coat the cardboard box with glue, then your child can easily glue on his paper scraps. Make a little game out of it, matching colors and shapes. Where is the red triangle? Can you find the little lion?

The more colorful and varied the box becomes at the end, the better. If your child loses interest in between: no problem. Paper scraps in the box and it continues at the next craft afternoon with the imaginative sticking.

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Older children from about 3 years can already cut out simple shapes with scissors. The important thing is that you always stay involved when crafting with toddlers and take good care that your child does not put the glue or paper in his or her mouth.

Simple Craft Ideas For Children From 2

  • Masks from paper plates.
  • Small hands.
  • Painted stones.
  • Crumple pictures.

1. Children Make Colorful Masks From Paper Plates

This craft idea is suitable not only for the craft afternoon alone with your child, but also for children’s birthdays, and as preparation for the carnival or Halloween party. How about a pinata, for example? Cut out eyes, nose and mouth from a paper plate. What you need.

  • Wax crayons
  • Colored paper
  • Crepe paper
  • Wool
  • Straws
  • Glue

Now it can start: Who will make the funniest mask? Of course, you can provide templates for little lions, colorful clowns or cute cats. But usually the material is enough and the children’s imagination starts to bubble.

Crafting with toddlers is always an opportunity to talk to each other. About colors, materials, animals, cartoon characters, and much more. If you get involved and craft with your child to your heart’s content, time will fly by and little works of art with memory value will be created.

Drill holes in the paper plate at the end and thread a soft rubber through it for attachment. Ready is the beautiful memory of the children’s birthday or a funny disguise for the children’s carnival.

Paper plates are great for crafting with toddlers. Your child can make bugs, turtles, hot air balloons, and much more. Maybe at the next children’s birthday party or after crafting together, the little friends would like to spend the night with your child.

2. Craft Templates For Small Handprints

Crafting with toddlers should stimulate all the senses as much as possible. Kneading and squishing is a lot of fun for small children. Colorful children’s dough is always a good idea and playfully promotes the creativity of your child.

A great craft for the children’s birthday is a “Little Hands” picture. Each child gets to use finger paints to embellish a large sheet of paper with their hands. Provide plastic aprons and a protective spill pad. Inform the other parents in advance that you will be colorful and that the child will not be wearing the latest clothes.

You can also make small hands with salt dough: The basic recipe consists of the following ingredients

  • 2 cups of flour.
  • 1 cup of water.
  • 1 cup salt.
  • 1 teaspoon of oil.
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You expand depending on the number of children. From salt dough, children like to form figures. When crafting with toddlers, it is quite an experience to press your hand into the dough and later see the finished result from the oven.

The salt dough must dry for half an hour at 100 C° with the oven door slightly open. Then it is finished baking at 150 C°. When the salt dough object has cooled down, it can be painted by the child.

Homemade salt dough figures and “little hands of salt dough” are nice surprises for grandma and grandpa, so they are perfect for Christmas crafts with children.

3. Children Craft Animals From Stones

Crafting with toddlers needs little preparation and doesn’t have to take long. Use the walk or romp outside for a little collecting activity. You can draw your child’s attention to things in nature.

Usually children discover more than we do and are fascinated by flat pebbles, small branches, colorful leaves, chestnuts, etc. It is important that you keep an eye on your child while he/she is collecting, as long as he/she wants to experience everything with his/her mouth.

After the walk, your child can paint the stones they find with poster paints. What is it? Maybe a June bug, an owl, a snail, a flower, or a car? Crafting with toddlers creates lots of talking opportunities that you should take advantage of. If you only brought leaves or chestnuts from the outing, you can use them to make imaginative leaf pictures or small chestnut figures.

4. Craft Instructions For Crumple Pictures

Maybe this craft idea even reminds you of your own childhood: Cut out a motif of your choice from clay paper or sturdy cardboard. Depending on the season or the child’s interest, it could be a butterfly, a flower, a snowman or a Christmas tree.

Have your child tear crepe paper into small snippets and shape them into balls. Depending on their perseverance and motor skills, the balls will turn out smaller or larger and more or less even.

Don’t be too strict here, but allow your child creative freedom. Now you apply glue to the cut-out shape and your child can stick on the snowman, Christmas tree or butterfly to their heart’s content with lots of imagination.

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Creative Craft Ideas For Children From 3

Craft ideas for children must be exciting. How about a pinata or a playhouse? Want to craft with your child during Advent or looking for creative craft instructions for their 3rd or 4th birthday?

Christmas Crafts With Kids

Gray November days are made for crafting with kids. Rainy weather and darkness don’t entice you outside, but we should do everything we can to make it sparkle inside. Poinsettias, small gifts, lanterns, Christmas cards, angels, fairy lights and window pictures are all lovely craft ideas for kids now.

With hot chocolate and a nice story, Christmas crafting with children is twice as nice. When crafting with toddlers, fun and creativity should always be at the forefront: How about the following craft ideas for Christmas crafting with children from 3:

  • Christmas angels made from toilet rolls and coffee filters.
  • Snowflakes made from absorbent cotton and handkerchiefs.
  • Christmas tree pendants from pine cones.

Craft ideas for children over 4 can be a bit more challenging than for crafting with toddlers. Some techniques they already know from kindergarten and look forward to showing you:

You might want to try potato printing with your child and decorate Christmas mail to friends and family with stars. When doing Christmas crafts with children, you can make stars out of sandwich bags or funny Santa Claus garlands. Candle casting is also an exciting activity during Advent and perfect for Christmas crafting with kids.

Tried And Tested Ideas For Christmas Crafts With Children

Christmas crafting with kids is always fun for everyone and makes such beautiful gifts.If your child is already confident with scissors, encourage cutting.

n clay cardboard, your child can easily cut out shapes like Christmas trees and stars to decorate Christmas cards and gift tags. Of course, baking cookies is also part of Christmas crafting with kids every year.

Original Craft Ideas For Kids

Crafting with toddlers can be traditional or original. You will find 1000 craft ideas for children, but the best ideas may come from your child. Go for it and make a snowflake paradise out of absorbent cotton in the kids’ room together.

When crafting at a child’s birthday party, perhaps a colorful subway is created from old shoe boxes. Gluing, crafting, experiencing are important experiences that enhance your child’s development.





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