What Is Facebook?

Facebook is a social network on the internet. This means that people can talk to each other on the Facebook website. This way, families and friends can stay in touch even if they live far away from each other. Would you like to learn more about Facebook? Find out here:

* How Facebook came into being.
* Whether you are allowed to use Facebook.
* What you can do with Facebook.

And How Did It Come About?

Facebook was “invented” by Mark Zuckerberg in the USA (United States of America) in 2003. The name Facebook is English and means “face book”. In the beginning, this website was only meant to allow users to upload photos of themselves to the internet. By the way, uploading photos is called “uploading”. In the meantime, Facebook has more than one billion members. If Facebook were a country, almost as many people would live there as in China.

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Am I Allowed To Use Facebook At All?

To use Facebook, you should be at least 13 years old. When you sign up for Facebook, you have to enter your date of birth. Please talk to your parents about this before you sign up for Facebook.

What Can You Do With Facebook?

If you are 13 or older and have an email address, you can register with Facebook. You can read exactly how this works in the article “How does a Facebook registration work”. Here you can also find out how to log in to Facebook, i.e. how to register. It is best to ask your parents for help.

Have you already read the article “The rules of Facebook”? Please read the tips on how to use Facebook that you will find there.

If you are already familiar with the rules of Facebook, then read on. Now you can find out what you can do with Facebook.

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Find And Add Friends

Once you have successfully logged in, you can search for friends on Facebook. To do this, simply enter the name of a friend in the address bar. Once you have found someone you know, you can add them to your friends. To the right of your friend’s profile picture you will see a button with “Add friend” or “Add friend”. Click on it. Done!

Add Pages And Things You Like

Not only can you search for friends on Facebook, you can also search for things you like. What is the name of your favourite band? Type the name in the search box to find it! A list of results matching your search will appear immediately. Is your favourite band there? Click on “Like” to the right of your profile picture. Your friends will now see that you like this band. If there is news about your favourite band, it will appear in the news.

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Write Messages

After you have searched and found your friends, you can write to them on Facebook. If you have a mobile phone, you probably know about the SMS function. Writing messages on Facebook is similar to sending SMS from your mobile phone.

Posting” Something In Your Chronicle

You have a funny photo of your dog? If your parents allow it, you can share the picture with your friends. Uploading pictures, texts or videos to your Facebook page is called “posting” (from the English “to post something”). By the way, you can also post something in your friends’ chronicles. Remember not to post unpleasant, secret or private things there either. Treat your friends on Facebook the way you would like to be treated.

Like Something

As you read above, you can “Like” things or people that you like. This also works with your friends’ posts. Adults call this “liking” (from the English “to like something”). If you no longer like something, you can press the “Like” button again. Then you will no longer receive notifications about that post or item.

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Read News

If you click on the Facebook icon (white box with a blue “f”) in the upper left corner, you will be taken to your news. Here you can see what’s going on with your friends and favourite stars. If one of your friends posts something, it will appear here. You can comment on and like your friends’ pictures, texts and videos. Your posts also end up on your friends’ news pages.

Worksheet For The Text “What is Facebook?

1) Explain the difficult words from the text.
What does…
* Facebook
* social network
* Upload
* to “post” something
* like” something

2) Are you allowed to use Facebook? What do you have to pay attention to?

3) Design a poster and write down what you have remembered. Present the poster to your class.

Photo: quka/bigstockphoto.com

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