10 Tips What To Consider When Buying A Crib

A crib has to withstand a lot. Therefore, when buying a bed, parents should make sure that it is robust and can withstand many tumbles.
To avoid bad purchases, you should think about a few things in advance. Below you will get 10 tips to consider when buying a crib.

10 Tips For Buying A Crib

1. What Kind Of Crib?

First, you should agree on the type of bed (loft bed, functional bed, etc.). This depends on the age of the child. For babies, aside bed is suitable, for toddlers a bed that grows with them. Older children will probably feel more comfortable in a youth bed.

2. Functions Of The Crib

What should the bed be able to do? What are your requirements? Convertible cribs are sometimes practical because they can still be used after the baby – ages.

3. The Mattress – Not Too Hard And Not Too Soft

The mattress should not be too hard for babies but must provide enough support for larger children. You can also opt for a mattress with a baby side and a toddler side. The mattress cover should be breathable, allergy-friendly, and removable.

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4. The Slatted Frame

The slatted frame should be stable. Furthermore, the slatted frame should be height adjustable. So you can take your child out comfortably when he is still small. Then, when it gets bigger, the mattress further down ensures that it can not fall out.
A slatted frame with movable slats can optimally adapt to the movements of the child.

5. Safety

With cribs, make sure that the distance between the bars is not too large so that your child can not get trapped. It is best if two or three bars can be taken out. So your child can safely climb in and out. Furthermore, the bed should have no sharp corners and edges. Even with loft beds, you can hardly be careful enough to avoid a fall from the bed.

6. What Material For The Children’s Bed?

Children’s beds are usually made of solid wood or chipboard. In this regard, solid children’s beds are high-quality models. However, you can just as well choose a bed made of chipboard. The only important thing is that when painting a bed, saliva-resistant, low-pollutant, and solvent-free paints were used.

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7. Space In The Room

Do not underestimate the available space in the children’s room. Especially with bunk beds, a certain room height is required and there must also be enough space around the bed for playing and for other furniture. However, bunk beds can be very space-saving.

8. How Long Should The Bed Be Used?

Side beds do not last long. It is questionable whether your daughter will still like the princess bed after several years. Keep this in mind when making your decision.

9. Quality

If the bed is to be used for a long time, it is recommended to invest a little more and pay attention to quality.

10. Price/Performance

The last, but also a very crucial point. After all, the price/performance ratio must be right. After all, you don’t want to invest too much.
This is where customer reviews can help you.


To avoid a possible wrong purchase of a crib, you should ask yourself some questions like What do I want? How much do I want to spend? What does my child want? And how long should my child sleep in the bed? If you heed the 10 tips for buying a crib, you already have a good starting point. For parents, box spring beds have become very popular in recent years. Tests and testimonials for example, the well-known Bruno box spring bed can be found here Boxspringbetten24.org.

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