When Do You Start Showing Signs Of Pregnancy?

From when pregnancy signs appear, depends on each woman individually. Some women suffer very strongly in the first months of their pregnancy from the discomfort caused by the changes in the body. Other women have hardly any signs or only late.

Signs of pregnancy can appear very early, can be very severe, or can be mild. As soon as the mature egg is fertilized, it secretes hormones. These hormones are important for maintaining pregnancy and are the reason why the female body goes crazy during the first months of pregnancy.

Signs Of Pregnancy, When Can You Expect Them?

Each woman can react quite differently to pregnancy and for some the changes in her body can be very pronounced, while for others they are very slight and gradually increase. In the beginning, the hormones are still released at a low level and therefore the pregnancy can only be determined with a high degree of reliability at the time of the period, which usually occurs.

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Therefore, most women realize that they are pregnant quite late or only a few weeks after fertilization. In fact, due to the changes or pregnancy signs that become noticeable. Usually, women notice very quickly that their breasts are changing.

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They become sensitive, pull and tighten. Hugging or even just wearing a bra can already be very uncomfortable. Mostly the breasts are already growing a little. Little is visible on the abdomen itself in the first few weeks. At the end of the first trimester, it may bulge a little or just become hard. However, the growth of the baby’s belly also varies greatly and depends on various factors.

When Signs Of Pregnancy Become Noticeable

Due to the fact that the body already undergoes a very strong change at the beginning, many women very often suffer from morning sickness and vomiting already in the first three weeks of pregnancy. These complaints usually persist until the fourth month and then subside. The nausea usually starts after the first time you get up and can last all day.

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Often what has been eaten can then no longer be kept down. It is helpful if women who suffer from morning sickness take care of their stomach and eat several nutritious and healthy snacks spread throughout the day. These are not as heavy on the stomach as hearty meals and stay in the stomach. It is also important that women who vomit a lot drink a lot, because the risk of dehydration is very high.

It is helpful to switch to still drinks, such as water and herbal teas. Especially chamomile and peppermint have proven themselves, as these calm the stomach. When enriched with a little sugar, these soothe the sensitive stomach. It also helps to have a small meal before getting up, i.e. while still in bed. Crackers, zwieback and dried fruit remain in most cases in the stomach and facilitate the start into the day. Stress can now also have a detrimental effect and hit the stomach more.

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Most importantly, it can affect hormone development and lead to complications. Women should take it easy, especially in the first three months.

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