When The Children’s Room Becomes A Teenager’s Room

Suddenly the supposed little ones are not so little anymore, but are getting fledged. Instead of a crib or playful wall design, it should now be the teenager room with cool colors and accessories. With a few simple steps and a little decorating skill, the children’s room becomes a youth room with great highlights.

Before The Redesign: Tidy Up Is Announced

Before the children’s room becomes a youth room, it is important to tidy up. After all, not only the new room should shine in a youthful look, but also the contents of the cabinets, right? Often, countless toys are hidden in boxes, chests of drawers or in the closet that are no longer even used

Many young children have the so-called Messie Syndrome, because they can not part with (old) toys, stickers, postcards or other cherished utensils. Tidying up is the order of the day, so that the freshness kick does not only move into the room design, but also into the cupboards.

Tips For Tidying Up

Of course, not everything has to disappear from the children’s room. Toys that have become dear can stay. However, the question here is: do I really need it? Toys that are no longer needed can either be sold or donated. Tidying up continues in the closet and with the living textiles

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Simply dispose of clothes that no longer fit or old curtains/curtains and prepare the room for a new coat of paint. Buying pleated is not only really fun, but it’s another step in turning a child’s room into a teenager’s room

Once the old home textiles are removed, there is room to buy new curtains or floor coverings. Thanks to the huge selection in terms of color and materials, there are almost no limits to the design wishes. The right privacy screen must not be missing in the cool youth room – instead of curtains, it can also be design-strong pleated blinds.

Privacy Rethought: No One Will Look Through This Cool Privacy Screen So Quickly

The youth room is all about cool design concepts and pragmatism. Optimally cleanable surfaces and creative design ideas are in demand here. With a pleated blind, young people kill two birds with one stone: not only can they realize their individual design ideas, but thanks to the blind they also find a pragmatic solution for blackout and light protection.

With the optimal design, opaque privacy pleated blinds create privacy with a cool look, so that the young adults are protected from prying eyes even on the first floor. If the outside world is to stay outside while chilling or partying, the cool pleated blind is simply pulled shut and you’re done.

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Implementing Cool Room Concepts: Colorful Ideas For The Youth Room

While in the children’s room often the obligatory colors pink or blue are used, youth rooms have a much cooler concept. Those who choose neutral colors such as gray or white tones, quite skillfully set accents with furniture or home textiles. For example, a pleated blind in the right color and with an exciting design is a real eye-catcher and even provides noise insulation or heat protection (depending on the fabric variant/coating).

Color accents can also be set with rugs, a great bedding or decorative elements. Why not make the ceiling lamp the visual highlight in an otherwise understated room? For a large window front, design-strong pleated blinds are also suitable to divide individual window sections and in this way provide a real eye-catcher.

The Right Pieces Of Furniture In The Youth Room: Workstation And Co. Are In Demand

While in the children’s room often (still) no desk is to be found, that looks already completely different in the youth room. So that the room is not dominated by the desk and does not constantly remind of the annoying schoolwork, it should be integrated as well as possible in the youth room. Optimal are desks that fit individually into the room concept and perhaps skillfully use corner spaces

A cool youth room has space and is practical at the same time.

The matching desk chair must not be missing, of course. Ideally, it can be stored directly at the desk and conveniently pushed down when not in use. To ensure that performance and concentration are not neglected, the desk chair should not only be a color highlight, but also offer optimum sitting comfort.

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Bed And Place To Chill – Individual Solutions For The Youth Room

The bed can be used multifunctionally in the youth room, because if friends are visiting, it’s a great place to chill out. Depending on the space available in the youth room, the bed can be converted from a place to sleep to a comfortable place to lie down in just a few simple steps. Just throw a bedspread with some cool pillows over it and the bed becomes a lounge corner.

If you have enough space in your teenager’s room, you can also set up your own area for chilling out. Sitting area on the floor, a small hammock or a practical couch are perfect for this. Next to it great speakers for the ultimate music enjoyment and a small side table on which snacks can be placed.

Party In The Youth Room, Why Not?

The most beautiful thing about the youth room are the undisturbed moments with friends without parents, right? Have a party to inaugurate the youth room – an ideal occasion to invite friends. To ensure that the casual party doesn’t turn into a row with the neighbors, quiet times are especially important

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Noise pollution by too loud music can call the employees of the office of order/the police on the plan. Nobody wants that, so it’s best to talk to the neighbors beforehand and announce the youth room party.

The party in the youth room will be really cool, especially if the guests can stay directly, right? Instead of play afternoons like in childhood, there are now pajama parties with friends. A mattress camp is optimal to let the guests sleep really cool on the floor. Talking for hours, listening to music, enjoying cool snacks – a successful party

The foam mattresses are not only inexpensive, but can also be stored in a space-saving way under the bed or in the closet. Ready to use in an instant when the next slumber party beckons, because the really cool kids stay up late and without parental supervision.

The Ultimate Tip For The Wall Design Youth Room: Just Get Creative With The Friends Themselves

Everyone has creative minds in his clique, who are really good at drawing and painting. Why not do the wall design with them together and bring a cool picture or graffiti on the wall at the next party? Something like this certainly no one has in his youth room and on top of that it is still incredibly fun. If the graffiti is to be put on the wall, sufficient ventilation and pollutant-free paints are a must.

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