When The Leaves Fall From The Trees

Now, unfortunately, the time has come again, when most of the trees lose their leaves. Every day more and more falls Foliage falls down on the street, in gardens, or other places where trees stand. Some people don’t like this because they have to clean up the leaves.

Leaves Can Also Be Useful

Surely you can understand many people when the foliage gets on their nerves. They then have to rake up the leaves in their garden and dispose of them. Or in front of the house, the sidewalk must be swept. That’s annoying, of course. But leaves also have many good sides to them. Maybe your children have collected leaves and made things with them at school. Or maybe together with your mother used the leaves as decoration for the apartment. You can do a lot with these leaves. You can dry them, glue pictures with them, or make other things.

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Foliage Offers Protection For Nature

But the foliage also provides a lot of protection for nature. Many plants use the foliage as a kind of blanket and this protects the plants and especially their roots from the cold and from frost. In addition, leaves are a very good fertilizer. When leaves rot, many nutrients get into the soil and flowers then grow especially well in the spring. But also for the animals, the foliage is very important, which falls on the ground. Under a pile of leaves, hedgehogs arrange their quarters for the Hibernation to prepare. Worms, spiders, and also beetles use the foliage like the plants as a blanket and crawl under it to not freeze.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words:

Foliage is all leaves of trees and shrubs. In seasons with low water supply, many deciduous trees shed their leaves to reduce water loss through evaporation over the leaf surface. In our country, this is the case in autumn and winter, because the leaves then no longer absorb water due to the cold temperatures.

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Hibernation is the term used to describe a sleep-like state into which certain animals fall during the cold season by lowering their body temperature. The duration of hibernation varies from one hibernator to another. In the hedgehog, it is three to four months

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