Where Does Indian Summer Get Its Name?

Now in September and also in October people always talk about Indian summer. Whenever there are beautiful sunny days in these months, this term is mentioned. But where did this name come from and does it really have something to do with old women?

Young Spiders Are To Blame

In September, summer ends and autumn moves into the country. In the forests, the leaves of the trees turn colors and everything looks really nice and colorful when the sun shines. These sunny and still warm days are called Indian summer, but they really have nothing to do with old women. Rather, young spiders are to blame for the emergence of this word. They weave long threads during this time and on these threads the spiders let themselves be carried away by the wind. Since in the past, many years ago, the word weaving was also called “weaving” and the fine and thin spider webs look like the gray hair of an old woman, this word “Indian summer” came into being.

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Other Names For Indian Summer

In our country, we speak of Indian summer for the beautiful sunny and still warm days in autumn. In other countries, this time is called differently. Maybe your children have heard of the “Indian Summer”. This is what Indian summer is called in North America, where the colorful forests create a very special atmosphere. In countries such as Italy, Spain, or other countries on the Mediterranean Sea, on the other hand, Indian summer is also called “Saint Martin’s summer”. Many different names, but all mean the same thing.

Explanation Of The Difficult Words:

Indian Summer is called in North America an unusually dry and warm weather period in late autumn. The phenomenon is accompanied by a bright blue sky, warm weather, and particularly intense leaf coloration in the deciduous and mixed forests. Every year, the Indian Summer attracts many tourists who want to experience this atmosphere.

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