Why Many Kids Are Ashamed Of Mom And Dad

Ten Embarrassing Moments With Parents

Parents can be awfully embarrassing, can’t they? The older kids and teens get, the more uncomfortable they find some of mom and dad’s performances.

That’s why today we’re going to present you with ten embarrassing moments with parents that have probably happened to you in this way or something similar.

Parental Kisses And Smacks In Public

Most parents love their children. That’s why they’re happy when you show them your affection. Mom and dad are not ashamed to get a peck from you in public.

However, the reverse is usually quite different. Many kids feel embarrassed to give their parents a peck in the mall or before school. Some moms don’t even ask, but just give you a peck on the cheek.

That can be quite uncomfortable for kids. At such a moment, you probably think to yourself, “Oh, God. What are the others going to think when they see this?” You’re not wrong. Kids, especially when they’re standing together in groups, like to use situations like this as an opportunity to talk shit.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t let yourself be impressed by this. If you can stand by your parents with self-confidence and have a snappy saying on the tip of your tongue when they make stupid comments, you radiate a very special “coolness. The relationship between parents and children is very different today than it was twenty or more years ago.

Today, moms are a mixture of caring, strict mother and best friend. You can tell dads just about anything. But when things get serious, they still tell you what to do.

Of course, not all parents are that cool. But in general, most moms and dads are more open, cooler and more relaxed than their own parents. By the way, ask your parents if they’ve experienced embarrassing situations with your grandparents! They’re sure to have a funny story or two in store for you.

As you can see, it’s no big deal to be a little closer to your parents in public every now and then than the blasphemy police allow.

Curious Moms: “Do You Actually Have A Boyfriend Yet?”

Moms can be terribly annoying. Once they’ve started asking silly questions, they’re rarely satisfied with a curt answer.

That’s because they want to make sure you’re really okay. Dads are a little more relaxed.

There are few things more embarrassing than parental conversations about first love. Take heart: everyone has to go through it. Have a little understanding for your mother and talk to her openly about your first boyfriend or girlfriend.

For some situations, moms have useful advice. Sooner or later, you’ll be glad you talked to her about your first relationship problems and arguments. Because mothers like to comfort, your mom will also be happy to be there for you in such moments.

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In turn, you shouldn’t close yourself off to her when she asks a few curious questions.

What Parents Are Good At: Telling Embarrassing Stories From Your Childhood

Your best friends are invited to your house for dinner. At the dinner table, the topic turns to old, funny stories from your early childhood. At least that’s what your parents find funny, you think to yourself.

Maybe you feel uncomfortable in such situations. You wonder if your friends now think you’re uncool. Nevertheless, stay calm. Because you only seem really uncool when you can’t cope with such moments. Stand above it and stay calm.

Talk to your parents about it afterwards. Explain to them calmly how you felt at that moment. Try to make them understand that it was very embarrassing for you. It would be a pity if you did not dare to invite friends to your home because of such things. Maybe you can agree with your parents to tell such stories only to really close, long-time friends.

Do you know why we humans sometimes feel embarrassed? For kids and teens, it’s usually because they don’t want to appear weak in front of their peers. Among many teenagers, it’s considered uncool to be out with parents.

In truth, however, it’s not that difficult to rise above such things. If you like your parents, that’s perfectly fine. After all, not everyone has great parents who lovingly care for their children. Show gratitude for that by standing by your parents even in front of your friends.

“Do You Want Cocoa?”

It’s a great event when your best friend visits. Especially if he or she has never been your guest before. Many kids get very excited when this happens. They are afraid of embarrassing themselves.

When mom comes into the room with the question, “Would you like some cocoa and cookies?” you may suddenly not feel so great. Especially when you’re actually old enough to make your own cocoa.

In these situations, it helps to laugh at yourself and the situation. Take something like this with humor instead of getting angry. If you can laugh at yourself, you rarely have to feel ashamed of anything.

Surely your friends can laugh about it too or are even happy about your mom’s nice offer.

Go Shopping With Mom

No one knows exactly why moms love to go shopping for underpants with their kids. It’s a mystery that will probably never be solved. (Mystery means a mysterious thing).

Not only do moms come up with the strangest styling ideas. They haul in heaps of clothes that you absolutely have to try. Because “that’s in now” and “that’s what you have now,” they often find.

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Since mom likes to pull out her wallet, you endure this procedure secretly suffering. After all, after a long shopping trip you are rewarded with many new free clothes.

However, it is bad when you meet friends while shopping. Usually it is so that mom wobbles on with a pink frilly underpants, when you are just talking with friends about the beautiful weather. Perfect timing, you might say!

Makes you wonder how moms manage to develop such a good nose for putting their foot in their mouth. Because in a strange way, they always manage to embarrass us. It’s hard to stay cool.

Don’t let it bother you if something like this happens to you. Stay cool and keep gossiping with your girlfriends. After a hearty laugh in the group, everything will be fine again.

If you have good friends, they will laugh with you anyway and never at you.

Being Taken To The Party By Dad

While moms love to store and provide us with cocoa and cake or cookies, dads also have a talent for embarrassment all their own.

A good, proud dad always looks out for his kids. This is especially true for little and big princesses. By the way, the transition from little to big and from princess to power woman usually escapes them. For dad, you’ll always be a little sweetie (unless you’re a boy, in which case he’ll probably see you as a little superhero).

That’s why he sees it as his duty not to expose you to danger. If the first, innocent relationship is in the offing, he will always keep an eye on your crush. Maybe he is very picky and constantly finds fault with him or her.

Don’t hold it against him. The truth is, most dads don’t have anything on their kids’ boyfriends and girlfriends. They just can’t quite handle the fact that their kids are slowly growing up and becoming independent. Dad wants you to need him. If he realizes that you no longer just adore him, but also your crush, he becomes jealous, so to speak.

By the way, sometimes dads are right when they forbid something or are picky. In any case, you should listen to your father and stick to agreements. After all, a broken trust makes it much more difficult to live together in a pleasant way. If your dad can rely on you, he will allow you to do much more than if you give him reason to mistrust you.

One or the other dad likes to accompany the little daughter or the best son in the world to the first wild parties. He wants to make sure you’re not in bad company when he releases you alone into the big, wide world of nightlife.

It gives him a sense of security to be allowed to partake in it a little. Allow him to check out the locales or chat with your friends. If your dad has something you’re ashamed of, you should talk to him about it in advance.

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Do this with a lot of empathy. Then you can certainly find a compromise or two.

Parents And First Love

Just as Dad wants to accompany you to the party, likes to keep an eye on your crush. The meal at the in-laws in Spe is not only for teenagers a hairy thing.

Adults also shy away from this baptism of fire of the often still fresh relationship. You fear that your parents will be embarrassed or find fault with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Meanwhile, your sweetheart may be worried that your parents might have something against him or her. This is normal and something that almost everyone has to overcome.

The atmosphere at such a joint lunch or dinner is often very tense. This is especially true if it’s the first time you’ve brought a crush.

People come together in conversation – so goes an old saying. In fact, it’s very helpful to talk to your parents in advance about the meal you’re planning. Clarify how you envision the gathering and what you are afraid of. Make some arrangements with your parents, such as:

  • What topics should they better not bring up?
  • Who is your boyfriend, girlfriend and what makes him?

Explain that your boyfriend or girlfriend is already a little nervous and worrying unnecessarily. Surely your parents can remember a similar situation in their own lives. If you have reminded them of this through conversation, they will be much more careful when they ask you both out about this and that.

As always, the same applies here: Play it cool Embarrassment is only when you allow yourself to be embarrassed. A laugh usually helps you get over it.

Crisis On Parent-Teacher Conferences Or Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences in schools are opportunities for parents to get to know each other. But your classmates may also be meeting your mom or dad for the first time.

Some children are extremely embarrassed by the appearance of their parents. They go to the meeting with an uncomfortable feeling in their stomach.

At the latest when mothers talk about their children’s aches and pains, illnesses or strange habits, embarrassing feelings are inevitable among the kids. It’s understandable that you don’t want your classmates to know such things about you.

If you have a bad temper and can’t handle this kind of thing, it’s better to stay home. This will save you and your parents from unpleasant situations and is better for your nerves.

It’s even better if you go along, but keep yourself busy with your classmates. Go to the buffet together and let your parents gossip with each other. That way, your friends won’t hear about it and you’ll have your peace of mind, too.

Sometimes you are still not spared embarrassing moments. If you get angry, it’s better to leave. Take a walk around the building or explain to your parents on the spot that something like this bothers you. However, please remain objective and calm down. Otherwise they will not understand you.

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When Mom Shows Courage

As we stated earlier in the text, mom only wants the best for you. That’s why a good mommy takes care of you wherever she can. Even if that sometimes goes too far for you.

For example, your mother may feel that you are being treated unfairly. Then she comes to school or gives your friends a telling off. In this way, she defends you and makes sure that you are doing well.

It is not easy to distinguish between excessive mothering and appropriate courage. Courage means standing up for your own rights (and those of your children). By this, one also means to address injustices. Courageous mothers ensure that such injustices no longer happen.

Upset, yelling moms sometimes trigger embarrassing feelings in kids. You don’t want to be the center of attention. It’s uncomfortable to be looked at strangely by everyone else because mom is so upset.

On the one hand, mothers are usually right to do this because they act according to their mothering feelings. On the other hand, there is no need to yell or rave. This kind of thing is not okay. Don’t be afraid to tell your parents if you don’t think such reactions are okay.

While it is still their decision how to approach such things. But that doesn’t mean you can’t express your opinion.

How Permissive Can Parents be?

Scientists now assume the following: The more open parents are with their kids, the less they suffer from feelings of shame. Most topics are taken much more lightly when there are virtually no taboos in conversations with parents.

The coolest parents are those who treat you humorously yet gently. By their example, you can learn to be a self-confident person who doesn’t have to be embarrassed about anything.

Of course, there are things kids shouldn’t know about. It’s only natural that you don’t want to catch your parents sharing intimacies. (Being intimate means touching each other tenderly on very specific parts of the body, kissing each other, and having sex with each other.) Such things are private and should remain so.

Talking about it, however, improves trust between family members and gets rid of embarrassing topics.

Worksheet For The Text

1) Explain the difficult words from the text.
What does…

  • Mystery
  • Courage

2) Remember an embarrassing situation with your parents. Draw a picture of it or write a short retelling about it. Remember to include the following points in your picture or story:

  • Who was involved?
  • What exactly happened? What was said?
  • How did it make me feel?
  • How did I react? Was I angry or did I take it in stride?
  • What happened next? How did the story end?
  • Did I talk to my parents about it afterwards? What was agreed upon?
  • How did the parents take it that I was embarrassed or that I took it lightly?

Photo: Creatista / bigstockphoto.com

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