Why Online Games Are Not Harmless For Children

Internet games (also called browser games) are great. Most of them you can play for free on your cell phone, tablet or PC. Unfortunately, online games are not completely safe for children.

The Dangers Of Online Games On Facebook and Co.

Hidden Costs

Especially with Facebook games, you should watch out for hidden costs. Most of the time you can start playing without having to pay anything. Some of the games offer you additional bonuses (that’s the plural of bonus) over time, which give you an advantage. These bonuses are usually paid for. Thus, it can easily happen that you unintentionally buy something without realizing it.

Online Games Are Addictive

Also, always remember not to spend too much time playing games. It would be a shame if you neglected your friends or hobbies because all you do is sit at your PC or type away on your phone.

Online games can become addictive very quickly. This doesn’t just affect children, but adults as well. When you’re busy playing these colorful, fun games, time seems to pass very quickly. However, you can use this time in a more meaningful way. Maybe playing is becoming more and more important for you and you can’t get yourself up for anything else. If you feel this way, please talk to an adult or older children about it. You can find out more about computer game addiction in the corresponding article on our site.

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Lack Of Age Rating

By the way, there are no age ratings for online games. This is because you can’t buy them in stores. Therefore, it is difficult to distinguish between games for children and games for adults. Sometimes you can find an age recommendation on the game’s homepage. Check with your parents in advance if you want to try a new game.

Online Multiplayer

Multiplayer online games allow you to meet other people. Depending on the type of game, you can chat with other participants. Chatting means talking to someone on the Internet by writing to each other. If someone sends you strange messages, please do not respond to them. If someone asks you to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable, you should talk to your parents about it.

Advertising For Adults

Free games almost always contain advertising. Sometimes this is not only annoying, but also dangerous. This is because some advertisements are meant for adults. If the ads of a game seem strange to you, it is better to avoid them and choose another one. Further down in this article you will find a list of children’s game sites that contain little or no advertising. In any case, you won’t find advertisements there that only adults are allowed to see.

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Violence In Online Games

Many of the free games are about weapons and violence. War games are not suitable for children. That’s why they are usually only released for children over the age of 12 or 16. As you have already read, there are no age restrictions for online games. So please make sure yourself not to try such games.

Online Games From 3 Years

Funny games for children can be found on special children’s portals. These games are fun and suitable for you. Moreover, they are guaranteed to be free.


Spielzwerg offers you new children’s games every day. Here you can choose between the following categories: Learning Games, Painting, Decorating, Cleaning, Dress Up, Cooking & Baking, Skill, Soccer and Funny.


Even very young children love to play. Do you have a little brother or sister? On this site you will find very simple, colorful games for toddlers.


You’re probably familiar with the Toggolino children’s program for young children that runs on Super RTL. There is also a website with colorful, easy-to-understand games.

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Online Games From 6 Years


The great advantage of this games portal is that you can also use the offer on a tablet. Depending on your preferences, this children’s site offers you a wide variety of skill, thinking, jump & run and card games, among others. If you want, you can try multiplayer games, in which you’ll meet other children.


This site is suitable for both boys and girls. You can expect a colorful selection of games on various topics. Unfortunately, you have to watch some advertising when you have chosen a game.


This is a children’s site where you can find, among other things, numerous games related to various Disney movies. If you like English, this is the right site for you. Because the offer of this portal is designed partly in German and partly in English.

The homepage of the children’s channel has its own section with online games for children. Help the KIKA stars from the most popular children’s series to solve tricky tasks! These games are also completely free of charge.

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You love the series from Super RTL? Then play with the Toggo heroes and help them out of trouble. Toggo.de offers you many games with Mr. Bean, Bugs Bunny and Co. that are guaranteed to be fun.

Worksheet For The Text

1) Explain the difficult words in the text.
What does…

  • Browser Games
  • Bonuses
  • Multiplayer
  • Chat

2) Why are online games not harmless? Write down here what you remembered.

3) Choose one of the game portals mentioned above and take a close look at it. What do you find good? What could be improved? Which game did you particularly like?

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