“You’re Going To Be A Daddy” – How And When To Announce Pregnancy

You see the two lines on the pregnancy test and would like to shout it out to the whole world – you are pregnant. Maybe you even already have the confirmation from the gynecologist. Announcing pregnancy is always one of those things – when and how is it best to do it?

When Is The Right Time To Announce Your Pregnancy?

Most gynecologists advise that you should wait until the 13th week of pregnancy to announce your pregnancy. This is because many pregnancies end in miscarriage within the first three months.

Do I Have To Wait That Long To Announce Pregnancy?

No, of course not. There is no right or wrong here, but it depends on how you would handle it in case of a miscarriage. It serves as a kind of self-protection, so to speak. As nice as the joy of announcing that you’re pregnant is, it’s equally devastating when you miscarry and someone asks, “Well, what’s it like being pregnant?”

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Therefore, each woman must decide for herself, depending on her nature and personal history, which approach suits her best. For example, women with a history of miscarriage are (understandably) usually more cautious about announcing the pregnancy.

Of course, if the pregnancy is wanted, there is nothing wrong with letting one’s close confidants in on it earlier. After all, it is nice to share the joy with his family and friends.

Advantages Of An Early Pregnancy Announcement

In the working world, there are definitely advantages to announcing your pregnancy early. Pregnant women are protected by certain labor protection conditions, for example, the observance of certain working hours. Of course, this can only happen if the employer also knows about the pregnancy.

Reasons For Late Announcement Of Pregnancy

As already mentioned, the risk of miscarriage plays a role. This is because the greater the desire to have a child, the earlier bonding with the baby takes place. Accordingly, the grief is also greater at the loss of the child. And the risk of miscarriage is 80% in the first 12 weeks.

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Another reason is that in some professions women have to stop work immediately when they are pregnant, such as educators, nurses. This is true for all professions where there is a high risk of infection. If the women like to work, they announce their pregnancy quite late. However, the welfare of mother and child is the first priority here.

Another reason is that some women wait longer to disclose if they are considering abortion in case the child becomes ill. For this reason, they wait for examinations, such as first trimester screening, which can detect Down syndrome, for example.

“You’re Going To Be A Daddy” – Announcing The Pregnancy To Your Partner

The father should, of course, be the first to know about the pregnancy. How you do this can be very different. There are several ways in which you can announce your pregnancy to him.

Give Him The Pregnancy Test As A Gift

You can give him the positive pregnancy test as a kind of gift.

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You can put a pea in his hand or put it in a box with the words “This is how big our baby is right now”.

Sweeten The Surprise

How about you put a pair of gummy bear pacifiers in his hand and wait for him to click.

Blind Tasting

Another option is to blindfold him and let him taste some yummy baby food. Let’s see when he tastes the surprise.

Congratulations By Card

You can also create a scratch card that first just says “surprise” or “congratulations” and then you can scratch the happy message free.

The Order

“Honey, I made a pretty expensive purchase there. The delivery time is nine months and we really need some more space…” A photo of the pregnancy test can be designed as an “order confirmation”.

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