With Fixed Rituals To A Relaxed Family Life

In earlier generations, fixed routines and rituals were considered rather inflexible. Today, on the other hand, we know that rituals are particularly good for children. After all, familiar routines and fixed rituals convey a sense of security and reliability

They also help to make many everyday situations more relaxed. Reason enough to incorporate some fixed rituals into your everyday family life

Rituals: Small Traditions Provide Security

Although many parents today rely more and more on fixed rituals and traditions, other families prefer a more “free” daily routine. Of course, this is allowed and should not be viewed negatively

However, if you think about which events from your own childhood you remember most intensively, you will realize how important traditions already are for children. This becomes already clear by the fact that we remember particularly intensively celebrations with tradition character.

Of course, no child remembers that his parents buy a festive baptismal candle. Nevertheless, many do remember the beautiful candle that their parents kept for them after their baptism

Of course, childhood memories do not end with the baptismal candle. Boys and girls remember equally intensely mostly birthday parties with other children or Christmas celebr ations with the whole family. And the Sunday visit to the grandparents is still remembered by many in adulthood

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This already shows that rituals and traditions are very important for children and are often remembered very clearly. However, this does not just mean that it is worth keeping mementos

Certainly, the offspring will later be happy to hold their own christening candle for girls or boys in their hands. But it is even more important to incorporate fixed rituals into everyday life to give children a sense of security

Same Routines Make Everyday Life Easier

It’s not just the annual birthday party or Christmas celebration with the grandparents that are nice rituals that give children a sense of security. It is also the everyday rituals, such as getting up and going to bed at the same time, that are important for children

These small everyday rituals also give them a sense of security and safety. They function as a stable everyday framework that conveys trust and support

In kindergarten and school, too, special attention is therefore paid to a fixed daily routine that is comprehensible to the children. It is therefore hardly surprising that fixed rituals and habits can also strengthen the sense of unity within the family

But even more: daily rituals and habits can also help to make everyday life and living together as a whole much more relaxed. After all, fixed routines mean that children are much less likely to have to deal with stressed parents

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Family Rituals That Help More Than You Think

Many rituals and habits take on a life of their own: A soft-boiled egg is part of every Sunday breakfast, an Advent calendar is a must during Advent, and a small nightlight burns when you go to sleep

In addition, however, it can be useful to consciously incorporate certain rituals into everyday life. They can often make everyday life not only more beautiful, but also easier.

The Get-up-and-go Ritual

Just like their parents, children can also get up on the wrong side of the bed. However, the “better get-up ritual” ensures that this does not happen too often. If the day always starts in the same way, it makes a positive start to the day much easier

To incorporate the ritual into everyday life, it is important to get up in good time in the morning so as not to fall into a hectic state. Afterwards, the child can be woken up in peace, for example with a cheerful good-morning song

Alternatively, of course, a cuddly toy that the parents let dance across the bed can do the waking. The only important thing is that the wake-up call is done in the same way every morning.

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It can also be useful to tell the children what the coming day will bring. Whether it’s a visit to grandma’s, a shopping trip or an excursion – this way, even the little ones know what to expect during the day

The Brushing Of Teeth Ritual

Brushing teeth is anything but a favorite activity for many children. However, dental care is still important – and can be done easily and playfully with a ritual

It is important to always follow the same personal hygiene sequence, even with babies or toddlers. It also makes sense to tell the child what happens during the individual steps

For example, Mr. Washcloth washes the sleep out of the eyes, while Mrs. Toothbrush then chases the nasty caries bacteria away from the teeth. If the body care is connected in such a way with funny stories and runs off always same and predictably, tears and stress remain fast completely by itself

The Goodbye Ritual

Parting from dad and mom is always particularly difficult for smaller children. However, they are not absent. But if a suitable ritual is found, saying goodbye at the kindergarten door is much easier

To say goodbye, mom or dad takes the child in their arms and gives them a kiss. In addition, the child receives a small “separation companion” (a cuddly cloth or a stuffed animal intended only for the separation period)

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Afterwards, the parents wish their child a lot of fun and tell him that they are looking forward to picking him up again soon. When the parents return later, the child returns the “separation companion.”

Dinner As A Strengthening Ritual

If at all possible, all family members should eat at least one meal together each day. In most families, dinner is a good time for this. It can therefore be designed as a nice togetherness ritual:

The offspring can help set the table before dinner, and before the meal begins, everyone recites a certain saying together. During dinner, all family members are allowed to talk about what they have experienced during the day

The Sleep Ritual

If the day was particularly exciting, many children find it difficult to get to sleep. A calm and loving bedtime ritual can help them to switch off and find peace.

It is important that the bedtime ritual always takes place at the same time and begins around dinner time. After dinner, the children are allowed to play or romp around for a while

After some time, however, the active mood should change to a calmer one before going to the bathroom at a fixed time. After brushing the teeth, a fixed cuddle time or reading aloud from a children’s book is planned – before finally going to bed.

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