With These Tips, Even The Naughtiest Little Fruit Becomes A Fruit Lover

Apples, pears, kiwis, berries, and the like are full of valuable ingredients. Every child knows that. Do they? In fact, there are many little ones who would rather do without fruit. If you count such a fruit muffle among your offspring, a few tips will help.

What Pediatricians And Nutritionists Recommend

First of all, pediatricians and nutritionists recommend buying healthy foods specifically and according to certain criteria. If you make your selection seasonally and regionally, you ensure that the fruit is fresh and full of valuable ingredients. It is also cheaper during the peak season.

Starting in July, currants and raspberries are in high season, as are cherries and plums. Apples and pears are available again from August from the local harvest. Frozen fruit is a good choice for stocking up. It is available all year round and, thanks to modern processes, is largely equivalent to the fresh product. The daily fruit portion can also be replaced by a glass of juice, dried or canned fruit.

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But What Do You Do When The Little Ones Just Grimace At The Sight Of A Banana And Pinch Their Lips Together At Every Piece Of Apple?

First of all, you should be clear: Do not impose under any circumstances. Children judge food by its appearance, color, and taste and not by its health value – in short: The eye eats with the child.

A Particularly Beautiful Color Scheme Or Unusual Decoration Can Work Wonders

Why not simply make a face or a figure out of fruit to make the healthy palatable to the grumpy ones?

In any case, it is recommended to always have fruit within reach – preferably in bite-sized portions, so that eating fruit becomes an everyday experience for the children. A few pieces can be mixed into cereal for breakfast. Great snacks include milkshakes with fresh berries. Fruit can also be added to main dishes such as pancakes or rice pudding. And a piece of strawberry cake tastes good to almost every child anyway.

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The decisive factor in all this is that healthy eating can only work if parents set a good example. If the fruit is a daily companion on the dinner table for you, the little ones will follow your example. What’s more, a balanced diet means that mom and dad also live much healthier lives.

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