Wooden Toys For The Baby: What You Should Know About Them

Babies put almost everything in their mouths. This is how they discover the world in their very own way. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing wooden toys for the baby. For the sake of the baby’s health.

Wooden Toys For The Baby – Facts Worth Knowing

The harder the wood, the more it is predestined for the production of baby toys. The high compressive strength and the mostly homogeneous structuring are primarily what makes high-quality toys from 1 year – and what is so important, especially with regard to baby toys. Classic types of wood used in high-quality Goki wooden toys are lime, ash, beech or maple.

Wood as a natural material rarely contains dangerous harmful or toxic substances. These are only added “by human hand”. For example, when painting or varnishing the wooden surfaces and in other production steps.

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Renowned manufacturers of wooden toys do use pollutant-free and environmentally friendly solutions. Nevertheless, when buying wooden baby toys, you should always take a look at the relevant seals and labels.

They provide information about the quality and value of the toy. Well-known test seals are, for example, the GS mark, the TÜV seal, the “blue angel” symbol or the oko-test seal. In any case, you can also take action yourself to protect your child:

Buy Dollhouses Made Of Wood

If you want to buy wooden doll’s houses for your baby, for example, the appearance is an important criterion. But a look “behind the scenes” is just as important.

If you notice that the varnish or paint smells unpleasant or “chemical”, you should refrain from buying it. High-quality wood paints and varnishes are water-based, odorless and therefore do not emit any unpleasant aromas. They are also resistant to saliva and perspiration.

Wooden Educational Toys – Colorful Companions For Development

Whether wooden toys for the baby or toys from 1 year – the quality and type of processing play an important role.

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Make sure that the surface of the wooden educational toys, such as wooden building blocks, wooden vehicles or wooden dollhouses have a smooth surface texture. The wood grain is ideally well rounded, and sharp corners and edges are not present.

Note: Wooden educational toys for the very young should be designed as uniformly as possible. Small parts must not be able to be detached under any circumstances, otherwise there is a risk of suffocation! Therefore, always observe the age recommendations of the manufacturer.

Wooden vehicles or wooden building blocks for older children may contain stickers or small parts. In addition, the educational aspect also takes a high priority in the selection of children’s or baby toys.

Simply designed wooden vehicles in bright colors and with fun motifs – of course with pollutant-free paints and glazes – are very well received by the little ones. Rattles are also extremely interesting for babies.

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Especially because they convince not only by their beautiful haptics, but also by “exciting” sounds. Whether wooden building blocks or vehicles – the more senses are touched during play, the better.

This can be ensured, for example, by a ribbed or relief-like surface. Also, if the baby hears sounds or melodies when playing with the wooden learning toys, this can have a positive effect on development.

Great Toys From 1 Year Of Wood

Wooden learning toys for children from the first year of life are available in a wide variety of designs. Wooden building blocks with motifs or wooden puzzles and boards stimulate the “grey cells” and promote thinking skills in a playful way.

Moms and dads are well advised to keep offering their child new stimuli in the form of wooden toys for the baby. Baby toys from well-known manufacturers optimally meet the needs of the little ones and encourage them to try things out and learn.

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How To Care For Wooden Toys For The Baby

No matter whether baby toys or toys from 1 year: children put many things in their mouths to literally “experience” the respective objects with all their senses. Therefore, you should regularly clean the wooden educational toys.

The best way to do this is with a damp cloth that you have previously moistened with a little vinegar cleaner or an environmentally friendly all-purpose cleaner. Wipe the surfaces with it and let the wooden educational toys dry for a while afterwards. In this way, you avoid the formation of mold in the toy box.

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