Working At Home With Kids – Advice From Real Moms (Parenting Lounge #10)

[tps_header]Working at home is a great solution for many moms  so they have the flexibility to be home with their kids and at the same time bring income into the family. But working at home with kids is not as easy as you would think. There is a constant struggle between working and being with your kids when you are working from home.

Working at home with kids

Working At Home With Kids

I am a Working Mom (outside the home) during the week, but on the weekends, early mornings and at night I am a Work at Home Mom.

Especially on the weekends, I have found that I just can’t work while my kids are up and awake. My kids are still small and need me to help them with just about everything. I have tried it a few times, but we all end up frustrated and I feel pulled in too many directions.

So, my working at home time is mostly when my kids are asleep, either very early in the morning or at night. I don’t have any distractions and they also get my full attention when they are awake.

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Here are some other tips for working at home with kids.

Advice and Stories from Real Moms

Working at home with kids

Alternate work time and play time

It’s so hard! I try to get most of my work done before my son wakes up, but that’s not always possible. When I have to work during the day, I alternate between working and doing activities with him. This seems to satisfy him, and he plays well independently. – Donella from Wife.Mom.Geek

Be flexible

It is difficult! We have had to put the older two boys in daycare during the week, but the baby stays with me. His schedule is constantly changing, and I have to be flexible. I work when he sleeps, and I try to keep him as independent as possible by giving him toys and changing his position often. – Katie from A Mother Thing

Have a sense of humor

I send them to a room loaded with video games, junk food and other electronics. Haven’t seen the kids in days! Seriously, they are in school all day and I work a lot after bedtime. – Kristi from The Classy Chapter

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Use school time and homework time

I try to get most of my work done while the kids are in school. But now that my daugthers are in middle school, I have more time to work, since they have so much homework to do and are very self motivated. – Lauren from Mom Home Guide

It’s a team effort

My husband and I have decided together what our dream is and what steps to take to get there. We balance IRL ministry with homeschool, family and working from home by scheduling work and family time around ministry and by communicating clearly and openly with each other on current needs, responsibilities and goals. Having a plan and a schedule helps tremendously! (oh, and lots of strong coffee!) – Katie from Como Blog

Have a schedule

I love working from home. I always wanted to be my own boss and when I finally achieved that I would never trade it for anything else. My approach to that is this: I work in the morning. That is my time. Don’t ask me anything while I am working. Play alone. Watch cartoons. Bother your dad. At 2PM I am done and I spend all afternoon with my husband and daughter. Simple as that. – Marina from Parental Journey

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Spend quality time with the kids

I try to work while they’re at school. When they get home I try my best to get off the computer and give them some attention. Yesterday after school we watched a movie after we went to the store. They know when I’m working I have to work. They also know I try to get done so that I’m not working too many hours! – Dina from My Unentitled Life

Don’t be the mom with a computer glued to her face

Work during quiet or nap times. Don’t be the mom with a computer glued to her face – play with your kids when you can, work when you can. You will never get these years back, so don’t waste them saying, “Just a minute, I just have to post this first.” – Valerie from Occasionally Crafty

The kids come first

I struggle to get the balance right to be honest, but the kids always come first and I get work done while they’re sleeping. – Nikki from Play Learn Every Day

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Thank you Moms!

Kids come first and you have to make the time to get your work done when you can. The main take-away is that trying to do it all with only make you stressed out so prioritize what you need to do and don’t worry about the rest.

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  1. Thanks for these tips!

    I have such a hard time not being the mommy glued to the computer screen. Having a set schedule and planned activities have helped a lot, but I definitely need to get better.

    I try to steal time here and there but it ends up just making everyone frustrated because my boys want me but I want to finish what I am working on. Thanks for these words of encouragement really for me to be better!

    Aspen Jay

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