Yesterday Was Safer Internet Day

On Safer Internet Day, people should be made aware that many dangers lurk on the Internet.

No Security On The Internet

There is no security on the Internet and there are many dangers lurking there. If you want to download something, you have to check carefully whether it is free or whether there are traps somewhere where you have to pay a lot of money afterward. It is also dangerous that you can quickly get a Virus on the computer, which can quickly cause a lot of damage. Children are particularly at risk of becoming victims of fraud on the Internet. They are often not yet able to assess the situation properly and are more naive than some adults.

Caution With Unknown E-Mails

Many dangers also lurk when receiving e-mails. One can quickly receive a harmful file with a virus. Therefore, it is important to open only files in emails that come from someone you really know. Otherwise, you should just delete them quickly and not open them at all. Your children should also be careful when sending photos or posting photos on the Internet. Quickly others can use these photos for nasty pranks against you. So it’s best to only make photos available to people you can really trust.

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If you find something strange on the Internet, talk to your parents about it.

Explanation Of Difficult Words

A Virus also called a computer virus in the context of computers, is a self-propagating computer program that infiltrates other computer programs. Computer viruses affect computer security and are considered malware.

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