You Don’t Need A Date Night To Stay Connected To Your Husband

Early in your relationship, I bet you went out on regular dates with your husband. There was so much to get to know about him. You loved spending time with him and doing fun things. Then – you got married and started having kids. Things changed big time! You didn’t need to date anymore because you “knew” everything about him and spent time with him at home every day.

You Don't Need A Date Night To Stay Connected To Your Husband

There is a lot of talk about doing “date night” with your husband. I admit, my husband and I have “date nights” whenever we can. We like to spend time together without having our kids around. I think it’s important to stay connected to the man in your life, and make time for that one on one interaction. But it’s not necessary to get out of the house, or even have scheduled one on one time. The important part is that you are staying connected to your husband.

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You can stay connected to your husband through so many little things each day. Sometimes, when life gets in the way, we forget to do the special things that make our husband feel like they are important to us. Here are 5 little things you can do you stay connected to your husband every single day.

Make his coffee in the morning

Every evening before I go to bed, I set up the coffee maker. I benefit from this too of course, but mostly I do it for him. I can’t get him out of bed in the morning without bringing him a cup of coffee. Or on the mornings I’m not there, he just needs to press a button and his coffee will be ready. It only takes me a few extra minutes to get it ready and it really makes a difference in his morning.

Kiss and hug

It seems simple, but it’s something couples can forget to do when they’ve been together for a while. Show your husband you love him with a simple kiss and hug. When you wake up; when you leave the house; when you go to bed at night; at any time of the day – just because. Those simple acts of love can go a long way.

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Do the chores he hates

I think this one goes a long way with some people (like me!). My husband and I split up the chores and one of mine is the laundry. Whenever I come home and find the laundry already done or put away, I am so happy! It is really the little things that make you this kind of happy when you’ve been married for a while.

Ask him about his day

It’s important that you both have your own life and you don’t spend life with each other 24/7. What would you talk about if that happened? But just because you don’t go to work with him every day, doesn’t mean you aren’t involved in his life. Ask him how his day went and be interested in the answer. Even if his job is boring or doesn’t make sense to you, it’s the fact that you are asking about his day that matters.

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Love Notes

You can leave an actual written love letter for your husband, or small original love notes. Some of our favorites are sending text messages with a secret message or maybe just a heart emoji. We also write messages on our bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker. You can also let the room steam up and leave a message in the fogged up mirror. It will disappear when the fog goes away and reappear the next time someone is in the shower. My husband also leaves me little notes on a Word document on my computer screen for me to see the next time I’m on my computer. I always save those messages!

What are some things you do to keep the romance alive without going out on dates? Let us know in the comments.

You Don't Need A Date Night To Stay Connected To Your Husband - Alternatives to Date Night

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