You Should Have A Birthmark Removed If You Notice These Signs

Having a mole removed can be for a variety of reasons: Some people decide to get rid of a bothersome mole or unwanted mole for cosmetic reasons. In other cases, a medical indication may be the trigger for such a procedure.

What methods there are and what you can do to detect skin cancer, you will learn in this article.

Overview Of Different Skin Lesions

Medicine considers moles and liver spots as benign skin changes, also called nevi. These exist in various forms and shapes:

Pigment Spots

Pigment spots are brown dots that appear on the surface of the skin. They result from an increased concentration of pigment-forming cells.

Nevus Cell Nevi

These moles appear as simple spots in childhood and develop a raised structure in adolescence until they become skin-colored, hemispherical moles.

Pointed Nevi

Reddish-brown, hemispherical nodules that can form quite quickly. They are hairless, unlike other forms of moles.


Hemangiomas are blood sponges that form raised as bright red marks on the surface of the skin.

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Causes And Formation Of Birthmarks

A mole or birthmark may initially develop from a genetic disposition. Hormonal factors, such as pregnancy, can also lead to the development of new nevi.

Exposing your skin to increased UV radiation can cause pigment spots to form more frequently as you age.

Cancer Or Harmless Skin Change?

Early detection is the first step to successful treatment. In the case of a pathological change, the doctor must remove the mole for medical reasons. That is why it makes sense to undergo regular screening.

Also with the help of the ABCDE rule you can collect clues that might make it necessary to check your moles or liver spots for skin cancer symptoms.

  • Asymmetry: The birthmark does not have a regular shape.
  • Boundary: The mole is frayed at the edges.
  • Color: The birthmark has different shades of color.
  • Diameter: The birthmark has a diameter larger than 5 mm.
  • Development: Birthmarks that change with respect to one or more of the above characteristics should be observed even more carefully.

Whether cosmetic or medical indication, the removal of a birthmark should be done by a dermatologist. Some people are visually bothered by a mole or birthmark. Especially in exposed areas, moles and birthmarks can be considered bothersome or unaesthetic.

In other cases, the precursor to skin cancer (malignant melanoma) may be the reason to remove a mole. If you are unsure or if you have many moles on your skin, you can consult a dermatologist to see if you have any skin cancer symptoms.

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Removing A Birthmark Or Mole For Aesthetic Reasons: Pros And Cons

If there is no medical necessity, it is in the personal eye of the beholder whether a birthmark is considered annoying or – in the opposite case – even attractive and special. Some celebrities wear their nevi as a “trademark” with high recognition value.

In today’s world, where individuality is a desirable factor, unique selling points are highly valued. The more unusual and less reproducible, the more special such features are and they stand out from the crowd

Nevertheless, many people feel that their moles and liver spots are a blemish and would like to get rid of them. This can have many reasons: e.g. they were teased for it as a child, the expression is not perceived as aesthetic or the mole is located in a particularly exposed place.

If everyday life is dominated by it in a negative way, it is obvious to consider removing the personally perceived blemish. In many cases, this is possible with the help of a minor procedure.

If you are in the situation and thinking about having your birthmark removed, below you will find some helpful tips and information on the various aspects.

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Have A Birthmark Removed: Which Method Is Suitable?

Do not attempt to remove a birthmark or mole yourself. This should definitely be done by a medical professional. For purely cosmetic procedures, the laser removal method can be used.

However, this is only suitable if the removed tissue is not to be histologically re-examined for verification. Cauterization may be used in cases of raised expressions.

Forceps or wire snares heated by electricity are used to remove the excess tissue while occluding the blood vessels. During punching out or removal by scalpel, a tissue sample may be sent in for medical clarification of malignant changes, if necessary.

This is the method of choice especially in case of tumor indication. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

Removal Of Birthmarks: What Costs Do You Have To Expect For Prevention And Surgery?

Statutory health insurance companies cover the costs of regular skin cancer screening from the age of 35. Statutory insurances cover an examination every two years, privately insured persons can be examined for skin cancer once a year free of charge.

If you have a mole removed after a medical indication, the costs for surgery, follow-up care and histological examination are covered by the health insurance

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The costs for a purely cosmetic procedure must usually be borne by the patient. Here it depends on how many moles are to be removed, in which position they are located and how large they are.

Should I Expect Scarring?

In most cases, noticeable scarring can be largely avoided. The majority of nevi can be removed in such a way that instead of a birthmark or mole, there is hardly any visible scarring. For this, it is important to consult an experienced and well-trained specialist.

Therefore, even if you are paying for the removal of your birthmark or mole yourself, you should not save money in the wrong place. This will ensure that you receive the best possible care.

Is The Procedure Painful?

Since surgical mole removal is performed under local anesthesia, the treatment is not painful. After the local anesthesia wears off, there may be a slight soreness in the aftermath. However, this does not last long and disappears after a few days at the latest if the procedure proceeds normally.

Can I Avoid The Formation Of New Moles?

As already mentioned, the formation of new moles – especially in adulthood – is favored by excessive exposure to UV radiation. Therefore, avoid excessive sunbathing and protect your skin from the sun’s rays.


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