You Should Have These Examinations During Pregnancy

Expectant mothers are often unsettled. Of course, they all want their baby to do well. To ensure this, there are a number of examinations that are offered. These include tried-and-tested screening checks, but also additional tests that provide information about any illnesses. Below, you can find out which examinations are available.

Blood Tests

These are routine tests that are done throughout pregnancy. The woman’s blood is examined and tested to see if it is infected with dangerous pathogens that could harm the baby.
There are no risks and the tests are free of charge.

Gynecological Examinations

These are also part of the routine and usually take place every four weeks. A vaginal examination, a weight check, a check of the baby’s heart tones, a blood pressure measurement, and a urine test are performed.

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These exams are useful because the mother’s health and the baby’s growth are monitored. There are no risks.

Ultrasound Examinations

There are a total of three major ultrasound examinations. The focus is on the child. This examination can clearly confirm pregnancy, identify the sex and monitor the growth of the child.

Most parents are eager to finally see their child on the monitor. These examinations are also harmless.

HIV Test

Women have the option to take an HIV test at the beginning of pregnancy.
It is only carried out if the woman agrees. If she is really infected with HIV, measures can be taken in time. The test has no risks and is also free of charge.

Toxoplasmosis Test

However, the benefit is questionable, as the test result is not conclusive, but usually only leads to further investigations. The test is risk-free and costs about 50 euros.

Test For Gestational Diabetes

Around the 22nd week of pregnancy, the woman is offered a free sugar test. The woman drinks a sugar solution and later has blood drawn.
In this way, the level of blood sugar is determined. If the sugar level is elevated, another test follows. Since gestational diabetes increases the risk of complications during pregnancy, this test is useful. There are no risks.
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Nuchal Translucency Measurement

Between the 11th and 14th week of pregnancy, the woman can opt for this examination. Here, the accumulation of fluid in the child’s neck region is measured. If this exceeds a certain size, it may indicate a chromosomal disorder, such as trisonomy 21. About 75% of children with Down syndrome can be detected by the measurement. The examination is risk-free, but the costs of 100 – 250 euros are not covered.


The examination is performed through the abdominal wall of the pregnant woman. A small amount of amniotic fluid is removed from the amniotic sac using a thin cannula. The fetal cells contained in the amniotic fluid are examined. Genetic changes are detected.

The costs amount to 300 – 500 Euro. The accuracy of amniocentesis is very high. The disadvantage is that the extraction can injure the unborn child and lead to miscarriage.
The risk of this is about 0.5 percent.

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Chorionic Biopsy

Umbilical Cord Puncture

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