Your Baby At 15 Weeks: These Milestones Await You Now

The development of the baby at 3 months is amazing. The hand-eye coordination is developing rapidly and the senses are also becoming more active. The last growth spurt of the baby is three weeks ago and it is possible that your baby is still struggling with it.

Slowly, your offspring will begin to distinguish between different people and will prefer familiar caregivers to other people. Learn all about your baby’s development at 15 weeks here.

Baby At 15 Weeks: Physical Development And Baby’s Growth Spurt

When your baby is 15 weeks young, he or she is in the midst of his or her biggest growth phase. Your offspring will go through a total of eight developmental spurts by the 14th month. An important growth sp urt in babies occurs in the 12th week of life.

During the third month, many children gain a whole kilogram and grow up to three centimeters. The romper now fits best in sizes 62 to 68. Learn more about the developmental push from the baby in the area of motor skills, reflexes and senses.

How Your Baby’s Motor Skills And Reflexes Change

When your baby is 15 weeks young, the parietal lobe develops rapidly. It is also called the parietal lobe and is responsible for the coordination of the hand and eyes. Therefore, your baby is now extensively occupied with looking at his hands.

At 15 weeks, the hands are the favorite toy and end up in the mouth for closer exploration. This exploration with the mouth promotes the body’s own perception and at the same time prepares for grasping. You can encourage the development of hand coordination by holding a toy out to him and observing whether he grabs it.

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The baby has now learned to wave his arms and kick his legs. The kicking can be quite strong and can push your offspring a few centimeters. So it’s quite possible that you’ll find your little one at the other end of the crib after a nap.

An important accomplishment in the third month is head control. Your offspring has been working on his neck muscles for the last few weeks. By the time your baby is 15 weeks old, he or she will be able to hold the head upright on his or her own.

This makes everyday life easier and you can now use a baby carrier for the first time. However, you should not let your baby sit alone yet. The back muscles are not yet strong enough for this.

In the prone position, your child will now be able to lift his or her head for a short moment. This is a real effort at first and requires a lot of training.

The Development Of Your Baby’s Senses At 15 Weeks

Due to the baby’s growth spurt in the third month, the senses also become more active and receptive. The temporal lobe is responsible for hearing, smelling and speaking.

The development of this brain region progresses with great strides in the 15th week of life. When your offspring hears your voice, it will turn directly to you and even try to respond.


The eyes have already developed very early during pregnancy and your child can already see from the first second. However, it still perceives the world in a blurred way at the beginning. In the first two months, your offspring will finally learn to use its eye muscles and fixate on targets.

And in the third month, vision continues to develop. Due to the baby’s growth spurt in the third month, binocular vision develops and ensures that your baby can now see spatially.

Your baby prefers human faces from the beginning. This does not change in the 15th week of life. In the meantime, however, he is already trying to interpret the facial expressions of his counterpart.

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Your child recognizes correlations between its own behavior and the facial expressions of its parents. The interpretation of facial expressions is also important for the development of your own feelings.


The developmental push from the baby has ensured that the hearing ability of the little earthling continues to develop. Although children are born with a well-developed sense of hearing, they are not yet able to actively pick up and process environmental sounds.

In the meantime, active processing of stimuli takes place. This trains hearing and mental development.

Smelling And Tasting

Babies are already born with an excellent sense of taste and smell. However, the need for different tastes is not yet present in the first months.

So you don’t have to worry about your baby getting bored with breast milk. Your baby’s sense of smell is particularly sensitive. Therefore, avoid perfumed shower gels and lotions.

Sense Of Touch

Your baby now realizes that he or she can feel touch and is learning to better control tactile sensations. In a tactile picture book, your little one can actively feel different materials with his hands.

Your little one also enjoys gentle massages and cuddles. Always orient yourself to your baby’s needs – not every child can tolerate the same amount of closeness and cuddles.

Baby At 15 Weeks: Mental Development And Baby’s Growth Spurt

Your baby is 15 weeks young and is currently in its biggest growth phase. This growth spurt in the baby has ensured that it matures emotionally and develops social and communication skills. Learn more about the baby’s mental development at week 15.

Baby Development: Emotions

By the time your baby turns 15 weeks, he or she can already express a wide range of emotions. Whether joy, curiosity, anger or frustration – your little treasure can already clearly express these feelings. While your baby smiled at strangers in the last few weeks, he now prefers you and other close caregivers.

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He or she enjoys the security of familiar people and may already start to feel “strange” towards strangers. Your baby will then become restless and may even start to cry. This first “strangeness” is a harbinger of the actual strangeness phase in the eighth month.

Your Baby’s Development: Social And Communication Skills

Your baby is 15 weeks old and is now awake for much longer. Your little one is attentive to his environment and is much more receptive to stimuli. This allows active participation in family life.

Your baby now tries to engage you in spontaneous and babbling dialogues. He is also busy interpreting your facial expressions and gestures.

Parents encourage communication behavior through the so-called nurse language completely intuitively. Surely you have already noticed that you speak differently with your child than with adults.

Your voice pitch is higher, the speech melody is particularly pronounced and the sentences are short and are repeated frequently. This promotes the linguistic development of the baby.

Baby 15 Weeks: Interacting And Encouraging Through Play

The baby’s growth spurt promotes physical and mental development and your offspring becomes more and more active. This opens up new possibilities in supporting your treasure. With rattles, for example, you promote the hearing of your baby. Start reading aloud to your baby now.

It is never early enough and you train your child’s sense of language. There are great cardboard and cloth books for babies this age. Give your offspring tactile books, stuffed animals, and larger animals made of wood and plastic to play with.

This way you support the development of the sense of touch. Also get a play bow or a baby mobile for your child. Toys are attached to the mobile, which your baby can play with while lying on its back. This is a particularly stimulating activity that trains hand-eye coordination.

Baby 15 Weeks – The Most Important Developmental Steps

  • The growth spurt in babies in the third month promotes development.
  • Your baby now gains a whole kilogram and grows up to three centimeters.
  • Hand-eye coordination continues to develop rapidly.
  • The baby can independently hold its head in an upright position.
  • Lifting the head in the prone position is also possible for a short moment.
  • Senses become more active and receptive.
  • Your baby learns to distinguish between faces.
  • Your offspring can actively pick up and process ambient sounds.
  • Your baby’s sense of touch is now developing rapidly.
  • Your baby can already express a variety of emotions.
  • At this age, some babies are already “strangers.
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When your baby is 15 weeks young, he is in his biggest growth phase. He gains about one kilogram and grows up to three centimeters. The baby’s growth spurt has caused the parietal lobe to develop rapidly. This brain region is responsible for hand-eye coordination.

Your baby is now busy looking at his hands and preparing to grasp. Independently holding the head in an upright position is also already successful. In the prone position, your child can lift his head for a short moment. However, this is still a real feat of strength.

Your baby’s sensory perception is also improving. At the moment, binocular vision is developing, which is an important prerequisite for your child’s spatial awareness. Your baby is also learning to distinguish between faces.

Your offspring can now also process environmental sounds and will try to answer your questions. By the time your baby is 15 weeks old, he or she will be able to control and perceive his or her tactile sensations better and better. Tactile books with different materials are now particularly beneficial for the development of the baby.

Your baby is 15 weeks young and getting better at communicating his emotions. Your offspring can express joy, curiosity and anger without any problems. The bond with you and other close caregivers is getting stronger. Some babies are even “strangers”. Your child is now taking an increasingly active part in family life and is developing his or her communication skills.

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