Your Baby At 7 Weeks: Developmental Milestones

When your baby turns 7 weeks old, he or she has already undergone an amazing development. Through the 5-week push, your darling has become more active and more alert. He is interested in his environment and learns a lot by observing and imitating.

Your offspring has already mastered an important step in language development: it has begun to babble and wants to communicate with you.

Babies In The 7th Week: Progress In Physical Development

Soon your baby will be 8 weeks old. At this stage of his life, your offspring will weigh between 5,100 and 5,600 grams. So far, your little treasure has gained about 150 to 200 grams per week. From month two, your baby will set new weight records.

At this age, babies are about 50 to 62 centimeters tall and wear a clothing size between 56 and 62. By the time your baby is 8 weeks old, he or she has already made amazing progress in the areas of motor skills and senses.

The Development Of Motor Skills And Reflexes

At almost two months, your baby has already learned a lot. The innate reflexes are gradually giving way to more fluid and coordinated movements. In a sitting position, your offspring is already able to hold its head almost independently.

Even in the prone position, your child will lift its head for a few seconds. However, it will be some time before your little one has complete control over his head.

You have probably already noticed that your baby has clenched his little hands into little fists in the first few weeks. If you touched his palms or gave him a toy, his hands automatically closed.

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This is due to the so-called gripping reflex, which gradually recedes into the background between the 5th and 8th week of life. Your offspring has now already opened his hands temporarily and may get hold of an object for a short time.

In the 7th week of life, your little one gradually discovers his hands. He looks at them with fascination and prepares himself for purposeful grasping. Your baby is now also beginning to perceive its own body.

Your Baby’s Sensory Abilities At 7 Weeks

Many of your baby’s sensory abilities are already fully or well developed at birth. For example, the sense of touch and smell are already fully developed. Your offspring can also rely on its sense of hearing right from the start. Sight takes the longest time to fully develop.


At around 8 months, your baby can see almost as well as an adult. After birth, your offspring’s vision is relatively blurred. It can only see things sharply that are a maximum of 30 centimeters away.

Your little darling also cannot recognize colors until the 4th month. That’s why he prefers light and dark colors in the first months of life. Babies only react more strongly to the color red.

Your baby has a preference for human faces right from the start. Two-month-old babies are particularly interested in the region around the eyes and nose. Your baby will soon be able to distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar faces.

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By the time your baby is 8 weeks old, he has already learned to use his eye muscles. This enables him to fixate on certain points. He can also track moving objects with his eyes.


Your baby is 7 weeks young and has had many “listening experiences” so far. The developmental boost in week five has made him even more receptive to acoustic stimuli. This can also sometimes frighten your baby. It is therefore important that you provide a quiet atmosphere without a radio or television in the background.

Tasting And Smelling

The senses of smell and taste are closely linked. From the very beginning, your baby is influenced by your smell and the taste of your mother’s milk. At the moment, it prefers sweet smells such as vanilla.

Touch And Feel

After birth, the sense of touch is the best developed sense. This is because the tactile sense develops from the 5th week of pregnancy. Even at this early stage, your baby can feel touch on the lips.

After all, the tongue and lips will remain your baby’s most important and sensitive tactile organ for a long time. Even at the age of 5, children explore the texture of materials with their mouths.

Progress In Mental Development

Soon your baby will be 8 weeks old and will have mastered amazing progress in his mental development. He smiles at you consciously and tries to engage you in a dialogue with babbling sounds. Your baby can now also experience and show feelings like joy.


Your offspring was already able to express basic emotions such as disgust, curiosity or fright in the first few weeks. By now, your little one is also able to feel and show joy. When you turn to him and play with him, he will smile contentedly at you.

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Because of the many new sensory impressions, your baby is also more frightened. Your child needs a lot of physical contact and closeness in this phase. For a strong bond, it is important that your offspring experiences safety and security. Strengthen your child’s basic trust so that he or she will grow into a stable personality later on.

Social Development And Communication

By the time your baby is 8 weeks old, he or she is much more interested in the world around them. Your baby can now learn a lot from you and other familiar caregivers. He is busy imitating your facial expressions and other behaviors. Your offspring learns primarily through observation and imitation.

When your baby was 6 weeks old, he probably showed his first conscious smile. By now, your baby has noticed the effect his joyful smile has on you and is showing it more and more often.

Even before your baby is 8 weeks old, he is making his first babbling sounds. He babbles and coos cheerfully and wants to communicate with you. Encourage your offspring’s language development by answering him and explaining what you are doing. Your baby may not yet understand you, but it will feel understood and taken seriously.

Play And Interact

Your baby will soon be 8 weeks old and you now have many new opportunities to interact with your offspring and encourage it through play.

Crawling Games

Climb your baby’s different body parts with your fingers or a hand puppet. The crawling game can be accompanied by fun songs and rhymes. Your little darling will gurgle with joy and at the same time his body perception will be trained.

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Baby Mobile

Hang a baby mobile with simple shapes and colors above the bed. Even if your baby can’t reach for the toy, this will train his visual perception and teach him some basic rules about the world of objects.

Touch Journeys

Stroke your baby’s skin with different materials, such as a feather and a cloth. Your little one will especially enjoy this “journey” and the perception of his tactile sensations will be trained at the same time.


At 7 weeks, your baby weighs about 5,100 to 5,600 grams and is 50 to 62 centimeters tall. Baby clothes now fit best in sizes 56 to 62. Up to now, your offspring has gained about 150 to 200 grams a week. From the second month, it will gain even more.

Your baby can hold his head in a sitting position almost by himself. Even lifting the head in the prone position is already possible. Your child’s movements will become more and more fluid and coordinated.

Innate reflexes such as the Moro reflex or the grasping reflex are slowly receding into the background. Your baby now looks at his little hands in detail and also begins to perceive his body.

When your baby was 6 weeks old, he showed his first conscious smile. At 7 weeks, he shows his joyful smile more and more often. Your baby is now busy imitating your facial expressions and other behaviors. In addition, he is already babbling lively and would like to engage you in a conversation.

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