Your Baby At 9 Weeks – This Is How Far He Has Already Developed

A baby at 9 weeks is already a small, very agile bundle of joy. The development of the baby in this phase of life is rapid. You will be amazed. From now on, you will be able to witness how your little treasure will put on another kilogram of body weight month after month.

He needs less sleep from this stage of life and sometimes “complains” when he is supposed to go to bed. It can even stay awake for up to 10 hours a day and wants to discover its little world.

At 8 weeks, the baby is already able to lift its head from the floor for a few seconds, and it is getting stronger and stronger. This “plus” in movement strengthens the muscles, so that in a few weeks he will already be able to crawl the first centimeters.

A Remarkable Development Of Your Baby At 9 Weeks

The comparatively rapid development of the baby in this phase of life will surprise many parents. For example, at 9 weeks, your baby can, among other things, focus objects that are about 20 to 30 centimeters away from him.

Even a baby at 8 weeks is often able to do this and can even follow interesting things with its eyes. It has also learned to “discover” its own little hands and ogle them. This is the first step towards your baby being able to reach out and grab something at 9 weeks.

Your Baby At 9 Weeks Is Already Doing Quite A Bit

The first weeks of mother and baby’s life can be very demanding. Having to go out several times a night to feed the baby is truly draining. However, your baby at 9 weeks is now more active and interested in its environment.

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He will therefore sleep through the night more and more often at this age, so that your everyday life will also become more peaceful. Nights will become more relaxed, and in the morning, when you get your baby out of his crib, he will recognize you – and greet you more and more often with a beaming smile.

Your Baby At 9 weeks – Rapid Baby Development Ahead

Be happy about the remarkable development of your baby. Even as a baby at 8 weeks, he showed you that he is becoming more and more interested in his environment. As a baby at 9 weeks, it now wants to be entertained more and more.

This means at the same time that now a baby development begins, which will certainly fascinate you even more. The development of the baby shows itself in different areas. At 9 weeks, your baby will become more curious, it will react more to sounds and move its head in the direction from which they come. The thirst for adventure is awakened.

The Development Of The Baby At 9 Weeks

  • A baby at 9 weeks is about 52 to 66 centimeters “tall”.
  • The body weight of girls at this age is about 6,400 grams.
  • Boys now weigh about 5,800 grams.
  • Since birth, boys and girls have gained about 110 to 330 grams of weight.
  • The clothing size of the baby at 9 weeks is 62 to 68.
  • In terms of head circumference, the cap size for the baby at 8 weeks and for the baby at 9 weeks is 37 to 39.
  • The shoe size is 15 to 17.
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Of course, these can only be guidelines. If you have any doubts or questions about the optimal size for your baby at 9 weeks, it is best to contact your midwife. She will be able to give you important tips on the development of your baby.

What A Baby Can Do At 8 Weeks

A baby at 9 weeks is already able to visually grasp a brightly colored object and follow it with its eyes. It can also follow people it knows with its eyes. At this age, it is able to detect sounds and turn its gaze in the appropriate direction.

In addition, at 9 weeks, a baby can lift its head from the prone position and hold it for a few seconds. This strengthens the neck and upper body in the long term. Some babies at 9 weeks love sounds and can recognize familiar voices, such as those of their parents. They will make their own vocalizations and listen attentively when you sing songs or tell stories.

Even though he may not yet understand the content, this active listening promotes the baby ‘s further development in terms of linguistic characteristics. This means that for a long time, before he will even utter his first word, he will have already stored some words in his “child’s dictionary”.


Name the things that your baby obviously finds particularly interesting at 9 weeks. Whether it’s a teddy bear or a doll, a car or a dog, the more often you say these words and the more your baby connects with them, the easier and faster it will remember them.

Soon he might say “woof” out loud for the first time when he sees a dog in the distance. It’s a great experience for proud parents.

Here’s What You Can Do To Further Encourage Baby’s Development

  • Give your baby a lot of attention at 9 weeks of age.
  • Explain “the world” to him and name things so that he learns to associate them with the right words.
  • When your baby is 3 months old, he will have less need for sleep. This means that the nap time will become less and less important.
  • Your baby is now going through another growth spurt and has a higher nutritional need.
  • Promote baby development in terms of motor skills and take part in Pekip or baby swimming classes.
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Pekip stands for a movement program for children in the early stages of life. The term Pekip is the abbreviation for “Prague Parent-Child Program”. It is a concept for group work of moms and dads together with their babies.

The aim of Pekip is to support the health and development of the baby and to promote the relationship between parents and children. At the same time, Pekip gives parents the opportunity to interact with other moms and dads.

After your baby has been learning and becoming more aware of its environment for 8 weeks, the stage of baby’s development now goes one step further. Your baby at 9 weeks will now increasingly coo, grunt, whoop, rattle and squawk.

These are the first little “seven-mile boots” on the way to learning to talk. Parents are very enthusiastic about this baby development and usually imitate the sounds of their little treasure. This in turn only spurs the dear little ones on to “baby talk” even more.

In the course of this, real dialogues develop in which your bundle of joy primarily observes your eyes and your mouth movements. This in turn teaches them to move their mouths more independently, to use their larynx in a more controlled way and to speak their first words consciously.

The Stages Of Baby’s Development In The First 12 Months

  • However, the motor, emotional and mental development of babies is not continuous; rather, the baby’s development occurs in stages.
  • Accordingly, your baby literally goes through one rapid developmental spurt after another in the first year of life.
  • Some development phases last only a few days, other development phases last between two and four weeks.
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The second spurt of baby development occurs around the time the baby is 8 weeks old

  • Your baby at 9 weeks now hears better and he can see more clearly.
  • His senses of smell and taste are gradually developing.
  • Some babies can now be soothed by the pacifier or by thumb sucking.
  • Longer waking hours mean that by the time your baby is 3 months old, he or she wants to be kept more busy.
  • He can tell familiar people from strangers.

Housework needs to be done and other obligations need to be met. It is not always possible to give your child 100% attention. At the same time, the child is at an age when it needs a lot of love, attention and entertainment.

It wants to play, discover the world and be encouraged. In the moments when you have to devote yourself to other things, you can make your little treasure happy with the right toys. Music boxes, plush balls, baby gyms and mobiles are now optimal to meet the growing play instinct and to promote the child adequately.


A baby at 9 weeks now turns to his environment with increased attention. You can support these ambitions by supporting this baby development with attention and love as well as with the appropriate pedagogical measures.

At the same time, it is simply even more fun to deal with the little earthling in this phase of life, because it now reacts more and more frequently. Enjoy this time – and look forward to the further baby development.


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