Youth Word Of The Year Chosen

The Youth Word of the Year has been chosen. Every year since 2008, the Langenscheidt publishing house has called for the election of the Youth Word of the Year and this year’s winner was: “Smombie” – a neologism made up of “smartphone” and “zombie”. It refers to a person who only stares at his smartphone while walking around without noticing anything of his environment.

The Youth Word Of The Year

The election is often criticized because many people, including young people, say they don’t even know the winning words. This is also the case with “smombie”. You understand the compound word, but you have never heard anyone say it. In an online survey, the verb “merkeln” was in the lead for a long time. What is meant here is that one simply does nothing at all, makes no decisions, and makes no statements. The word was also a criticism of Angela Merkel’s style of government. Rumoxidieren” for hanging around or “Diskopumper” for someone who only works out in the gym to look good in the evening at the disco was also at the top of the list. The winner, however, was “Smombie”. And every day, we all see people walking down the street staring at their smartphones, oblivious to the outside world.

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The Winners Of The Past Years

The Youth Word of the Year has been chosen since 2008, and some of the winners from previous years are still in vogue: In 2014, “runs with you” was the winner, which means “lucky guy” or “you’ve got it”; in 2013, “babo” (boss, leader) was the youth word of the year; in 2012, “yolo” (English abbreviation for “you only live once”); in 2011, “swagg” (for cool, casual charisma); in 2010, “Niveaulimbo” (constantly declining level); and in 2009, “hartzen” (for people who live on unemployment benefits and are lazy). Whether you like the choice or not, it’s always funny.

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