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The editorial team behind the Elternkompass – Product Guide has made it its mission to support families with purchases. The selection is huge and it is not always easy to identify the right products for one’s own needs alone.

Our editors are experts in the field of children and family and therefore know what is important when buying various products. We help you with the selection and advise you gladly.

Verena Janssen

The 38-year-old author and mother lives with her husband and her children Paul Oskar (7) and Ella Marie (4) in beautiful Fulda. She loves music and is currently trying to teach her children to play the piano.

When she has some time to herself, she works off her energy playing volleyball.

Kim Riehl

Kim is 29 years old and lives in Mainz with her one-year-old daughter Mila. They regularly go to baby swimming together or build sandcastles in the sandbox.

When the author is not writing for the Parents’ Compass, she loves to take pictures.

Sabine Engels

The mother of 4 is a real expert in the field of motherhood and regularly supports our readers with helpful product tips and info.

Once a week she takes the time to go salsa dancing with her husband. But her highlight is the annual summer vacation in Spain with the whole family.

Marie Kulmen

Marie Kulmen is not only an author for our editorial office, but also a Mom from passion. The 35-year-old loves to take trips to the beautiful Sanssouci Park with her children Leo and Josefine and their poodle Karl.

She also loves to bake – especially Christmas cookies.

Charlotte Menke

In addition to her work for Elternkompass, the 34-year-old is kept busy by her six-year-old son Emil. The two are already looking forward to flying kites in the fall.

The author and mother loves to draw or to walk through her hometown Leipzig.

Luise Veltmann

Luise lives in Lübeck with her husband, their two-year-old son Max and soon with child No. 2. When she finds the time besides her work as an author for Elternkompass, Luise goes to the gym or draws.

Max loves to go to children’s gymnastics with his mom and together they enjoy visiting grandma and grandpa.

Wolfang Steinbrecher

Wolfgang has lived with his family in Stuttgart for 7 years. The author has already gained a lot of experience in being a father. His daughter Sarah is 12 years old and the twins Felix and Sophie are 5.

When he’s not writing articles for Parents’ Compass, he’s taking bike rides with his kids, trying to beat them at Monopoly, or reading in his blue wing chair.

Susanne Baumann

The agile mom of two is our newest team member and is really hitting the keys.

She loves being active outdoors and spending time in her garden or playing tennis with her sons Tim (13) and Elias (11). the keys.

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