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Reer Screwable Socket Protector – Guidebook

Fastened with a screw, this jab protector reliably protects against incidents. A top recommendation for those who want long durability at a low price.

Sabine Engels, Mother & Editor

Crib Cuba

The reer socket protector is fixed with a screw and is therefore particularly safe. It reliably protects children from incidents while playing at the sockets.

Scope Of Delivery

10 / 20 socket protectors.




With one screw each.


Only possible with plug pins.

Not suitable for sockets of the following manufacturers:Jung, GIRA, Busch Jaeger, Mertens


✅ Suitable for all common sockets

✅ Fastening with screw ensures a firm hold

✅ removable without leaving a trace

✅ Unlocking only possible with plug

✅ locks automatically when plug is pulled out


❌ none

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