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The Bestsellers Of Children’s Books From 3 Years – Guidebook

The Bestsellers Of Children’s Books From 3 Years – Guidebook

It makes sense to choose a children’s book for the appropriate age , because this way the text, illustrations as well as characters are tailored to your child’s needs. Otherwise, you would over- or under-challenge your child.

In our product recommendations, we have selected popular children’s books from 3 years for you, so that the selection is easier. In addition, our checklist provides you with advice.

The Bestsellers Of Children’s Books From 3 Years

In a list of bestsellers, we have compiled the most popular children’s books from 3 years for you.

Checklist For Children’s Books From 3 Years

Checklist Children’s Books From 3 Years

Age recommendation
  • When looking for a book for ages 3 and up, always pay attention to the age recommendation.
  • While 3 year olds are not yet able to read independently, so this age category is for read aloud books, again the text should not overwhelm the child, but be geared towards their comprehension.
  • At the age of 3, more concrete topics can certainly already be dealt with in the book; the time of baby books is over.
  • Short and easy-to-understand texts that can be read aloud are well suited.
  • Children’s books from the age of 3 are perfectly rounded off by colorful, creative and lovingly designed illustrations that also encourage children to tell the story in their own words. Once again, however, care should be taken to ensure that the illustrations are clearly recognizable and not too complex.
  • For many children, it is nice to be read stories with main characters they can identify with. Perhaps because the main character has a big brother, a small dog, or a single mom.
  • Children’s books for 3-year-olds should, of course, have a high entertainment value. But often they also have an educational punch line or are devoted to feelings. In a creative and easy-to-understand way, children can then be taught, for example, the meaning of friendship, how important it is to help each other, how to make up after a quarrel, how to deal with anger, or how brave you can be, even if you are small.
  • Some books for 3-year-olds aren’t just read-aloud stories, either. They may also include easy-to-remember rhymes or fun finger plays. By appealing to several senses, the story becomes even more tangible and easier for the child to grasp. It is therefore nice if the book encourages active participation. For example, there are books for 3-year-olds with different elements such as zippers and buttons. Children can try these out and practice dressing themselves.
  • If the book contains colors, numbers or shapes, the child can also develop a feeling for these. Books for 3-year-olds can also impart important knowledge, for example about the animal world or the human body.
  • If you are looking for a book to read aloud in the evening, books with bedtime stories are a good choice. Each story lasts only a few minutes and is self-contained. You can choose a story together every evening.

We have compiled a list of recommended children’s books for ages 3 and up.

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Current offers of children’s books from 3 years

Find the best current offers of children’s books from 3 years in this list.

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FAQ about children’s books from 3 years

How does reading aloud benefit the child?

Reading aloud has many benefits:
– concentration and memory skills
– education
– language and cognitive skills
– imagination
– social skills

Children’s book from 3: Which is the right one?

From the age of 3, a little more text may be chosen, but no more than 5000 characters. Children still need enough pictures to better imagine the content. In addition, interest is aroused by word games, colors as well as shapes and fantasy worlds are often found to be good.

Which children’s books must be read?

Especially classics by Astrid Lindgren or Erich Kästner are still very popular. Nevertheless, newfangled children’s books such as “Der Grüffelo” or “Die Eule mit der Beule” often end up in the shopping cart as well.