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The 7 Best Fire Trucks From Siku – Guidebook

Your child is an avid firefighter fan? Then fire trucks from Siku are just the right toy. With them, your child can re-enact situations from his heroes.

A checklist provides you with the most important criteria for Siku fire engines. In addition, we have linked the best fire engines in our product recommendations.

Checklist Fire Engines From Siku

  • The fire and rescue vehicles from Siku are available in three scales.
  • You can choose from 1:50, 1:55 and 1:87.
  • The 1:50 scale fire trucks from Siku are particularly detailed.
  • There are many details, but often only hinted at, in the 1:55 scale.
  • At 1:87, these are smaller vehicles that are recreated from the field of rescue and firefighting.
  • Siku’s fire trucks are sometimes equipped with functional extras.
  • Some models offer the possibility that the rear and side blinds can be raised.
  • Movable ladders make it easier to play with the fire trucks.
  • Rubberized tires ensure that the vehicles run more quietly and flexibly on the ground.
  • In some versions. it is possible to open the doors.
Age information
  • The fire trucks from Siku have small parts. Therefore, they are usually suitable only from the age of three.
  • In general, Siku gives an age recommendation from three years to eight years.
  • Fire trucks from Siku are not yet available with remote control. The remote-controlled versions are only recommended for ages six and up.
Accessories for Siku fire engines
  • For the fire trucks from Siku there are some accessories, like the fire station.
  • You can also look for rescue helicopters and rescue boats .
  • In some cases, individual models can be mounted on tractors or trucks.
  • There are also variants of fire engines with trailers for boats.
  • You can additionally combine vehicles from the other Siku worlds.
  • So there are the themes police and construction site, but also farmers.
  • At Siku International, the designs of emergency vehicles from other countries are taken up.
  • In Siku World, traffic signs can also be selected.
  • Through the accessories, the representation of an extensive scenery around the fire trucks from Siku is possible.

Here you can find the top 7 most popular fire trucks from Siku.

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The Best Sellers Of Fire Trucks From Siku

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Current offers for fire engines from Siku

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FAQ Fire Engines From Siku

What kind of fire engines are there?

There is the emergency vehicle, the command vehicle and the fire trucks in different sizes. There are also fire trucks as trucks.

Where is Siku manufactured?

The company’s headquarters are located in Lüdenscheid, Germany. However, Siku also produces in China, Hong Kong, Poland and France.

What is the scale of Siku cars?

Most of Siku’s vehicles are in 1:50, 1:32 and 1:87 scale.

What does Siku mean?

Siku is composed of the name Sieper and the material plastic. From this, the two initial letters Genomen. so the name Siku was created.

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