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The 6 Best Toys From Infinitoo – Advisor

Infinitoo offers a great selection of toys for kids. Whether with light effects, sounds or magnets, there is certainly something for every taste. The brand also scores with good quality and playful learning effects.

Our checklist shows you the most important buying criteria so that nothing can go wrong. In the product recommendations below you will find the best Infinitoo toys.

Checklist For Toys From Infinitoo

  • Children’s toys should always be made of material that is safe for health. When buying, make sure that the toys have not been treated with harmful varnishes and paints and that the plastic does not contain any toxic softeners. Certain test seals provide information about this. In addition to the GS test seal, the blue angel and “spiel gut” stand for high quality.
  • Make sure that the toy is well made, has no sharp corners and edges, and does not consist of too small individual parts. The toy should be stable so that your child cannot break small parts out of the product.
Sounds and Lighting
  • Toys that make loud noises can damage your child’s sensitive hearing. Therefore, take extra care to ensure that the toy is not too loud. The toy should not exceed the decibel limit of 80 decibels near the ear.
  • Glowing toys have a particularly fascinating effect on the child. However, care should be taken with bright neon flashing lights. They can disturb your child’s natural sleep rhythm and, in the worst case, even promote epilepsy. Infinitoo only uses soft LED light, so there are no negative effects for the child.
  • Toys from Infinitoo are suitable for children from 3 years old. Infinitoo spinning top s are approved for ages 5 and up.
  • Children under the age of 3 should not use the toys as parts that are too small could be swallowed.
Educational Value
  • If you attach importance to your child learning something while playing, reach for special educational toys. Infinitoo toys are designed to stimulate your child’s creativity through play. Puzzles, coloring books, and building blocks encourage your child’s creative and strategic thinking skills.
  • Choose toys that you can use together with your child. In this way, the toy promotes interaction between parent and child. Best suited for this are board games or strategic toys, such as toy trains or highways.

We have collected the best and most interesting toys from Infinitoo.

Tip: Bouncy animals provide lots of fun.

The Best Sellers Of Toys From Infinitoo

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Tip: A bouncy castle turns children’s parties into something very special.

Current Offers Of Toys From Infinitoo

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