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The 5 Best Nursing Bras – Guide

A nursing bra is super important for the time after birth because the nursing bra supports your breast during breastfeeding. In addition, with a nursing bra, you can breastfeed your baby discreetly and comfortably. Nursing bras are – like conventional bras – available in many different designs. Most models differ in whether they have an underwire or not.

In our product guide, we have selected 5 different models, which we present to you in detail. Thus, you have a better overview of the products and the purchase decision is visibly easier for you.

Have fun reading and shopping.

Here you will find the top 5 most popular nursing bras.

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The Best Sellers Of Nursing Bras

We have compiled the most popular nursing bras for you in this bestseller list.

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Current Offers For Nursing Bras

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the nursing bras section.

Nursing Bra Advice

Which Nursing Bra Suits Me?

Especially with the nursing bra applies: You must feel comfortable and it must be comfortable! I would like to help you decide which nursing bra is right for you. Since you’ve been using bras for a while now, I’m sure you can tell exactly which type you find most comfortable. Many now shy away, because often means comfortable boring. But this does not have to be the case. There are now many good-looking nursing bras that are very convenient and comfortable.

Which Type Of Nursing Bra Are You?

Most new moms prefer a nursing bra without an underwire because it is especially comfortable and does not leave any pressure points during the night. Another reason is that bras with underwires cause unpleasant milk retention for many women. If you also prefer to have a comfortable underwire-free nursing bra, then you type A.

If you feel more comfortable with underwire, which is often the case with women with larger breasts, then you are type B.

If this is your first nursing bra, it may well be that you first have to try around and test several models until you really find the ideal bra. In the course of pregnancy and especially during breastfeeding women often have a different body feeling and also the breasts change. Therefore, it often happens that they now prefer a completely different type of bra than before and therefore have to test out several models.

You Prefer A Nursing Bra Without Underwire?

You Are Type A!

You’re like most young moms because an underwire-free nursing bra feels as natural as possible. Since during the breastfeeding period a bra is also necessary at night, which keeps the nursing pads in place, an underwired bra is recommended at the latest for this, which leaves no pressure points. I have recommended four great and different nursing bras, among which there is certainly one for you.
The Medela Comfort Nursing Bra and the Sleep Bustier are suitable for you, as well as the Anita Maternity Pregnancy and Nursing Bra and the Feelin Girl Nursing Bra Set of 3.

The Medela Comfort Nursing Bra

The Medela Comfort Nursing Bra is very comfortable and provides good support without pressing, even without underwires. I find the removable cups especially nice here. During pregnancy, these provide a particularly good shape and, if desired, make room for nursing pads during breastfeeding. Also, the underbust band is pleasantly elastic and fits well without cutting in or pressing. It is so flexible that it also does not wear out directly when it is used more often.

The Medela Comfort Nursing Bra is my test winner because it is simply always super comfortable and can be opened with one hand for breastfeeding. The price is perfectly fine and the Medela nursing bra also does not stand out under T-shirts.

The Medela Sleep Bustier

The Medela nursing bra in the beautiful wrap look, or criss-cross design does without all details, such as hooks for adjustment, which could interfere with sleeping, because it was developed specifically for quiet nights. It, therefore, does not give as much support as some other nursing bras, especially with larger breasts, but for the night it is perfect and keeps nursing pads in place. When breastfeeding, simply push the fabric on the chest a little to the side. I personally find him very comfortable for daytime, but that’s a matter of taste.

The Anita Maternity Pregnancy And Nursing Bra

With its pretty design, you can hardly tell that the Anita Maternity nursing bra is underwire-free and suitable for breastfeeding. It has a cute polka dot pattern and is available in three colors. It is well padded, which gives the breast a particularly nice shape and is therefore especially perfect for smaller breasts, but is also available up to size G. Due to the padding, nursing pads are well concealed even with tight tops. Breastfeeding is also quite easy, but here you have to push the thick pad to the side, which you have to get used to first.

The Feelin Girl Nursing Bra Set Of 3

The cozy bras have a closure at the back, but are still very suitable for sleeping and are also practical during the day. Especially for first-time nursing bras, the 3 piece set is highly recommended because it has a good price and the bras do what they are supposed to. However, they wear out a bit after a few washes, but I’m happy to forgive that at the price. The nursing bra is also suitable for t-shirts under which it is barely visible. It has comfortable padding, which can be removed if desired and can be released with one hand while breastfeeding.

You Would Prefer A Nursing Bra With Underwire?

You Are Type B!

Some mothers prefer a nursing bra with an underwire even during breastfeeding, at least during the day, because it offers particularly good support. Especially for larger breasts, a nursing bra with an underwire is even recommended. However, you should make sure that the underwire does not cut into the breast because otherwise, it can lead to unpleasant milk congestion. At night I would advise you to rely on a nursing bra without underwire because there you need it primarily to accommodate the nursing pads.

For you I have picked out a great model with underwire that not only looks very good, but is also functional and comfortable.

The Selente Nursing Bra

The Selenite nursing bra is available in black and white, each finished with fine lace. Finally, a nursing bra that doesn’t just look practical! Selenite offers a wide variety of cup sizes and adapts perfectly to its customers. Smaller cups have padding that beautifies the shape of the breasts. Larger cups are without padding so as not to make them look even bigger and have extra-wide straps for more comfort.

Breastfeeding is also very comfortable with the Selenite nursing bra because the hook can be easily released with just one hand. The nursing bra is definitely worth the money and convinces with a beautiful look and good quality.

Nursing Bra Info

Why Do I Need A Nursing Bra?

Already during pregnancy, the female breast changes and prepares for its future task. During breastfeeding, the breast is larger, heavier, and, above all, more sensitive than usual. Many women find their breasts uncomfortable at the beginning because they first have to get used to the new feeling. This is one of the reasons why you should get yourself a nursing bra, or better yet, several. A nursing bra is designed to support your breasts perfectly without pinching.

The second reason is that a nursing bra is, of course, just incredibly practical. It’s not uncommon for your baby to be hungry and want to nurse eight to twelve times a day. You certainly don’t want to take off your bra every time or awkwardly push it down so that it presses, do you? With a nursing bra and ideally also a nursing top or nursing dress, you only need to make yourself comfortable with your little treasure, open the bra and not take it off and you’re ready to go. This is practical not only on the road in public but also at home.

Most nursing bras can be opened at each breast with a hook. So you keep the bra on and benefit from its supportive function even during breastfeeding. The hooks can usually be released with one hand, so you can hold your baby with the other arm.

Another variant, such as the Medela Sleep Bustier, is that the fabric can simply be pushed to the side.

What You Should Consider When Buying A Nursing Bra

Your Breast Is Now More Sensitive.

During breastfeeding, your breasts are much more sensitive than before, so your nursing bra must be really comfortable to wear and made of a soft material. Since your nipples can quickly become inflamed during breastfeeding, you should also make sure that the nursing bra is only made of good and skin-friendly materials.

Depending on how big your breasts are, it makes sense to use wider straps, at least during the day, to relieve your shoulders.

Nursing Bra With Or Without Underwire?

This is first and foremost a question of taste. However, many mothers switch to a bra without underwires during the breastfeeding period, as this exerts less pressure and prevents milk buildup. However, it all depends first and foremost on how you feel more comfortable. Many also prefer the nursing bra with underwire, especially with a larger bust size, because this usually offers even more support than an underwire. However, if you choose a nursing bra with underwire, you should pay special attention to the fact that it does not cut in.

How Many Nursing Bras Do You Need?

This cannot be determined exactly at first. If you plan to breastfeed for a long time, then it is worthwhile to buy several nursing bras. If you want to use different bras for night and day, I recommend at least three bras each. Especially for the daytime bras, it makes sense to buy different colors so that you are prepared for every occasion.

Even if you are willing to wash more often, you need this number of bras, because when breastfeeding something goes wrong quickly and so you are prepared for all eventualities.

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