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The Best Protection Against Burglary For The Basement – Guidebook

To protect your property and more importantly your safety, there is a whole range of security measures ranging from motion detectors to cameras. However, what is often forgotten in the basement. This is left unattended, making it easy for a potential burglar to exploit the security gap. So that there are no more blind spots in your house, we recommend that you also invest in burglary protection for the basement.

In our checklist we inform you about all tips and tricks to keep your basement safe. We also recommend you to take a look at the product recommendations to get the best burglary protection for the basement.

Checklist On Burglary Protection For The Basement

Burglary Protection In Terms of preventive defense
  • Under the preventive defense in the burglary protection measures are summarized, which make the object as a crime scene uninteresting. For as little as 10 euros, you can get functioning motion detectors that, when activated, snatch the burglar’s protection from the darkness.
  • For 200 euros upwards, outdoor cameras are available that can record the burglar in the act and thus provide the police with relevant information. Since the effect of cameras can be easily switched off, it is worthwhile to install them covertly. The sign”Caution camera” is not only regulation but also serves as a clue to dubious characters that problems are to be expected here.
  • It makes sense to couple the cameras with acoustic warning systems or other burglar alarm systems. The simplest variant, which modern cameras have automatically included, is the transmission via WLAN to your smartphone. When buying, also note that many products for burglary protection are supported by KfW subsidies.
Obstacles Cost Time And Deter
  • A burglary is only safe if the culprit can quickly enter the house. Measures such as bars on windows, reinforced cellar doors, or security bolts are designed to prevent just that. Certainly, brute force or battery-powered hand tools are no longer insurmountable obstacles today, but they cost time and thus make the undertaking all the riskier.
  • High fences and walls also serve as obstacles and, moreover, as privacy screens. You don’t have to turn your home into a martial fortress, however, a man-high metal fence set in hedges or a natural wooden fence is quite enough to expose the unauthorized entry from the start.
  • Somewhat more subtle are burglar-resistant shutters, shatterproof window glass and lockable bolts, which are already available for under 20 euros. Modern, somewhat more elegant locking systems can also be armed and disarmed by remote control. The installation of these protection systems can be carried out even by laymen without further prior knowledge.

Here you can find the top 15 among the most popular products for burglary protection for the basement.

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The Best Sellers Of The Products For Burglar Protection For The Basement

We have compiled the most popular products for burglary protection for the basement in this bestseller list for you.

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Current Offers For Products For Burglar Protection For The Basement

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the area of burglary protection for the basement.

FAQ About Burglar Protection For The Basement

How to protect the cellar from burglary?

An armored bolt ensures that your cellar door cannot be opened from the outside. Other protective measures are security cameras, protective grids or alarm systems. In our product recommendations you will find everything you need to protect your cellar.

Which lock for the cellar?

A combination lock is easier to pick than a lock with a key, but with a combination lock you don’t have to carry the key with you at all times.

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