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The 8 Best Grout Brushes – Guidebook

With a grout brush, you can clean hard-to-reach areas or edges relatively easily and remove even stubborn dirt. If you opt for an electric grout brush, the work becomes even easier, as the rotating brushes ensure clean grout joints without any further effort.

No matter which device you finally decide on – our checklist offers you a good overview of all available models. With the help of our product recommendations, you can also take a look at specific examples of joint brushes.

Checklist For Joint Brushes

  • Joint brush es are characterized by a narrow row of bristles.
  • The usual joint widths are 2, 3 or 5.5 mm.
  • If the handle is ergonomically shaped, it is easier to work with.
  • There are three types of joint brushes: manual, electric and those that can be attached to the vacuum cleaner.
  • Manual cre vice brushes are most often used for smaller jobs around the house and garden.
  • Sets with brushes in different sizes are especially practical.
Manuelle Fugenbürste
  • With a manual grout brush, you can clean the grout lines on tiled walls and floors by hand.
  • Narrow gaps and hard-to-reach places are easy to reach with the narrow brushes.
  • If the grout brush has a handle, which can be a practical telescopic handle, you do not have to bend down and can reach higher places even without a ladder.
Fugenbürste für den Staubsauger
  • Groutbrushes, which can be attached to the vacuum cleaner, are very suitable for tile floors and edges and corners.
  • Here, the loosened dirt is removed in the same operation.
Fugenbürste für den Dampfreiniger
  • For stubborn dirt and incrustations, a steam cleaner with a grout brush performs well.
  • The dirt loosened by the steam can be easily removed.
  • Germs and bacteria have no chance.
Elektrische Fugenbürsten
  • They are usually equipped with a rechargeable battery and have different brush heads, so their field of application is wider.
  • The work is less strenuous for you and the rotating brush es ensure a good result.
Elektro Fugenbürsten für den Garten
  • The devices effectively clean the joints between the patio tiles, paving slabs and sidewalk in the yard, removing dirt, weeds and moss.
  • Always make sure that the brush you choose is not too hard and is actually suitable for the surface.
  • Nylon bristles can be used to gently clean delicate joints.
  • Brushes with wire bristles are intended for coarser work in the yard and garden.

Here you can find the top 8 among the most popular grout brushes.

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The Best Sellers Of Joint Brushes

We have compiled the most popular joint brush.

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Current Offers For Joint Brushes

Here you will find a selection of offers that are currently available in the Grout Brushes.

FAQ About Joint Brushes

What is a crevice brush?

With a joint brush, you can optimally clean the joints of the floor, so that dirt can be removed well even in the most remote corners. Here it is possible to choose between different models, which will make your work much easier.

How do you get joints clean?

There are special brushes that are made especially for cleaning joints. As a rule, they have a practical narrow shape and lie well in the hand due to a handy handle. However, there are also electrically operated combi-solutions. In our guide, we have listed the best and most popular variants of both versions.

How do I get grout white again?

Baking soda and baking powder have already made many a joint white again. Grout brushes are particularly practical for cleaning grout. These are available as a handy brush or electric combination cleaning device.

How much does a grout brush cost?

An electric joint brush can sometimes cost over 100 euros. Manual joint brushes, on the other hand, are a lot cheaper and can be purchased for as little as about 13 euros.

Which joint brushes are available?

Among other things, there are brushes that you have to operate by hand. Many of these models have a telescopic handle, with which you can optimally adjust the height. There is also the possibility of using such a brush in combination with a vacuum cleaner. It is much easier to work with an electric crevice brush or a brush for the steam cleaner. These devices can also remove annoying weeds and stubborn dirt in the garden without major problems.

Which brush is best suited?

The brush should always be matched to the particular floor. Therefore, it is important that it is not too hard or too soft. If the joints are very sensitive, you can use nylon brushes. For coarser dirt (for example, in the garden), however, harder wire brushes are also advantageous.

How wide is a joint?

A joint is usually only 2.3 to 5.5 mm narrow, which is why the brushes of the joint brush are very thin, so that you can reach even the smallest corners. Some joint brushes can also be purchased in sets. This can be practical if you want to use the brush in the garden as well as in the house.

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