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The Bestsellers Of The Magnetic Building Blocks – Guidebook

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The Bestsellers Of The Magnetic Building Blocks – Guidebook

Magnetic building blocks offer your child different ways to play and are guaranteed to be a lot of fun. It can be creative itself and invent buildings or even replicate things, no limits are set. In addition, the building blocks serve to promote, for example, motor skills or patience.

In our checklist, you can find out what to look out for and which products are not recommended. Finally, our top 18 recommendations below will help you find the best magnetic building blocks.

The Bestsellers Of The Magnetic Building Blocks

We have compiled the most popular magnetic building blocks for you in this bestseller list.

Checklist For Magnetic Building Blocks

Checklist for magneticbuilding blocks

Age recommendation
  • Magnetic building blocks are suitable for children between 3 and 10 years. Children under 3 years of age should wait a little longer because of small parts that can be swallowed.
  • There are no upper limits. Older children and adults can, for example, assemble particularly complicated figures.
Size / number of bricks
  • The number of bricks per set can vary significantly. For the models in our list between 40 and 146. The more creative and motor skillful your child is, the more pieces a set should have. Be careful not to under- or overchallenge.
  • If necessary, make sure that your set contains as many different shapes as possible to make play more interesting. For example, triangles, hexagons, square blocks, screws and much more.
  • Since there are often a lot of bricks in a set, they are also great for use in school and kindergarten.
  • Good products include a bag or other container in which the bricks can be stored.
Educational learning effect
  • Playing with magnetic bricks offers a number of educational benefits. Among other things, it promotes spatial thinking, fine motor skills , patience and perseverance. Furthermore, it can playfully introduce your child to physics, geometry and science.
  • Some sets also contain letters and numbers. Hereby you can introduce your children to school topics in a playful way.
  • Since the bricks are usually quite colorful , the color perception is also trained.
  • High quality magnetic bricks should be made of hard plastic. Products made of cheap plastic often break quickly. Then the exposed magnets and sharp plastic particles lying around can become dangerous.
  • Magnetic stones made of wood are also possible and ecologically sound. However, they are more difficult to clean. They also require stronger magnets and thus have more weight.
  • The toy should be tested for harmful substances.
  • Corners and sharp edges should be rounded .
  • Make sure the magnets are neither too strong nor too weak. Your child should be able to pull them apart and assemble them easily.

Here you can find the top 16 most popular magnetic building blocks.

Tip: Wooden building blocks are a great alternative for toddlers.

Current Offers For Magnetic Building blocks

Here you will find a selection of current offers for magnetic building blocks.

Tip: You can get even more magnetic fun with magnetic toys.

FAQ About Magnetic Building Blocks

Which magnetic toy is the best?

Which magnetic toy is best for a child should also be chosen according to their preference. For children who like it a little tricky and like to look for solutions, the magnetic bars with balls are the right choice. This is because they are usually less extensive and encourage logical thinking. For children who like to construct and build, the flat components are more suitable, which can be assembled into various 3D models.

From what age magnetic building blocks?

As a rule, magnetic games are released from 3 years. However, large parts are also suitable for younger children. Small parts are of course out of the question, so the age rating of the respective products should always be observed.

How expensive are magnetic toys?

The price of magnetic toys depends on the type and number of parts they contain. Thus, larger sets are more expensive than those with fewer parts. The prices range from 15 to 100€.