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LÄSSIG Nursing Cloth Allover – Guidebook

Due to the flexible button placket, the breastfeeding cloth Allover can be buttoned over to a wide variety of garments and fits you and your baby especially well when breastfeeding.

Kim Riehl, Mother & Editor

LÄSSIG Nursing Cloth Allover

Thanks to its button placket, the Allover Nursing Shawl by LÄSSIG can be worn in all kinds of ways, e.g. as a scarf, stole, or poncho and fits perfectly with you and your baby while breastfeeding.

The fabric is easy to care for and wrinkle-free, making it particularly suitable for traveling. At the same time, it is breathable and still offers sufficient privacy for mom and baby. A great all-rounder with many possible applications.

The nursing cloth Allover is available in different colors.


  • 55cm x 163 cm
  • 100% Lyocell (Tencel)


✅ different styles thanks to the buttons

✅ easy to clean and wrinkle resistant

✅ breathable

✅ opaque

✅ available in different colors


❌ One size fits all

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