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The 9 Best Baby Mattresses – Guidebook

The body of newborns is particularly sensitive. Therefore…

…a suitable baby mattress is one of the most important prerequisites for healthy sleep.

My son Max slept in the side bed. However, we quickly noticed here that the mattress supplied, in contrast to the high-quality bed, was not particularly adapted to the needs of my son. I, therefore, did a lot of research on mattresses and am now sure which one I will use for my second child right from the start.

You can read all about my choice here!

Have fun reading and shopping.

Checklist For Baby Mattresses

Different Sizes
  • There are different sizes of baby mattresses , which are standard sizes.
  • These include the sizes 140 x 70 cm and 60 x 120 cm.
  • The choice of mattress depends on the particular baby bed.
  • Both mattress sizes are sufficient for the first years of your child.
Safe Sleep
  • When your baby sleeps, safety is of course very important.
  • Your baby spends a lot of time in direct contact with the mattress, so it should be free of harmful substances.
  • It should also support your child’s body well. The mattress should not be too hard and not too soft.
  • A step edge on the mattress ensures that your child can not jam his little feet when he makes his first attempts to pull himself up on the crib and stand up.
  • Make sure that the baby mattress has good breathability. Mattresses with special ventilation channels are particularly suitable for this.
  • Liquid is directly absorbed by the mattress.
  • Therefore, it is very important that the cover of the mattress is easily removable and washable.

We have compiled the best and most interesting baby mattresses. You can find the list with our product recommendations here.

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The Best Sellers Of Baby Mattresses

In a list of bestsellers we have compiled the most popular baby mattresses for you.

Current Offers Of Baby Mattresses

You can find the best current offers on baby mattresses in this list.

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Baby Mattress Advice

Which mattress fits my child?

Babies need a mattress that optimally supports their still soft spine. Therefore, point elasticity, ventilation and hygiene are important factors when buying a mattress. All mattresses listed here are suitable for babies and have received good ratings from Ökotest or Stiftung Warentest.

I think that many parents often underestimate the importance of the right mattress. To prevent vertebral damage early on, which may not occur until years later, a good quality mattress is a good crib is worth its weight in gold!
Basically, mattresses can be distinguished by how long you want to use them. Some mattresses have a soft and a hard side, so you can adjust them to the age and size of your child. Furthermore, there are mattresses that can be used for a longer period of time but cannot be turned over. Here, with questionable quality variants, there is a risk that lying positions and pressure points will become apparent.

I have selected high-quality products for you here, which can be adapted to the needs of your baby. First of all, I assume that you have already chosen the bed of your dreams and thus the mattress is also adapted to dimensions and longevity. If not, read also the product guide baby bed.

Do you want a reversible or a single-sided mattress?

You want a reversible mattress that you can use until toddler age?

You are type A!

Reversible mattresses give you the possibility to adapt them to the age and size of your child without having to buy a new one.

Product 1: Julius Zöllner Dr. Lübbe Air Premium.

The Julius Zöllner Dr. Lübbe Air Premium mattress was designed with the help of the findings of pediatrician Dr. Carsten Lübbe. The baby and children’s mattress is the bestseller in the Lübbe mattress segment.

The structure with the 3-layer principle consists of a medium-soft baby side, a stable toddler side and a supporting mattress core. This system is intended to ensure that the base is optimally adapted to the child’s spine.

Step-resistant longitudinal edges and a removable cover make the cold foam mattress perfect!

Product 2: Prolana children’s mattress Kati Plus

This reversible mattress also has a soft and firmer side for your favorite’s changing lying conditions. The core structure of the natural mattress consists of a 2.5cm coconut latex layer and a 3cm natural latex layer. The coconut latex is firmer but still resilient. The core is covered with a fleece made of virgin sheep’s wool, which has a natural climatizing and warming function. The jersey cover is removable and can be washed.

The mattress is the flattest version with about 6cm. Nevertheless, it does not get cold due to the virgin sheep’s wool. Stiftung Warentest praised the mattress in 2014 especially by its durability and longevity.

You are type B!

Especially if you have a bed that does not “grow with you”, a one-sided baby mattress is a good choice.

My tip: Turn the mattress every 3 months, so that it does not sag in one place!

Product 1: Träumeland Softwash

The Softwash mattress from Träumeland, which is suitable for allergy sufferers, is an absolute money-saving tip! Here you get a high-quality mattress at a low price! The mattress has a core of fine soft foam. A 100% cotton cover encases the core and provides a cozy lying surface, which is additionally quilted with wash fleece. This makes it permeable to air, washable up to 60 degrees, and suitable for the dryer.

You can get the mattress in sizes 50×100, 60×120, 70×140.

Product 2: Artländer Aro Sanistar

This mattress has the new climate ventilation concept. This is especially characterized by its breathability. There is also a water barrier, which is water-repellent but air-permeable, ensuring optimal moisture transport.

The mattresses have tread-resistant edges and a removable, washable cover. The core is made of cold foam, which is very close to latex, especially in point elasticity.

Product 3: Malie Benjamin

The Malie Benjamin is particularly characterized by the open-pored structure of the corn fiber, which allows ideal moisture transport. This is a high-quality, pollutant-free, and robust sleeping pad. Especially for babies and toddlers, high form of stability is very important. This is ensured by the 8cm thick comfort foam core.

This mattress is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and is recyclable.

Baby Mattresses Info

Criteria of the perfect baby mattress.

Here I explain to you the criteria under which I selected the mattresses. Because no parent wants their child to sleep badly or unhealthily!

First, you need to be aware of the 4 main criteria.

  1. Dimensions
  2. Material
  3. Cover
  4. Features

I chose these criteria because the baby’s immune system and bone structure are developing and therefore vulnerable. I think it is important that the mattress is free of harmful substances. Thus, I would not recommend a used mattress either – you have no guarantee if there might be mold spores in those.

Also, lying zones do not make sense in baby and children’s mattresses and you should do without them. Only the degree of hardness should be considered here.

The dimensions

In my selection, all mattresses are available in the standard sizes 70x140cm or 60x120cm, so they fit in all standard cribs. Before you choose the appropriate sleeping pad, you should already have decided on a bed.

A baby mattress is versatile. Whether it is to be used for the crib, the bassinet or as a travel bed mattress: pay attention to the foreseen function when choosing the size.

In baby bouncers, the 40x90cm size is usually used. This small mattress is handy and light and performs especially on the go. This size can also be found in the bassinet.

For children under 5 years old, who are not taller than 115cm, the 60×120 format is used. If the mattress should go beyond this age, buy directly a larger format.

100x100cm mattresses are usually found in square playpens. So the little ones can always lie down on a cozy base when they get tired.

The standard size today is probably 70x140cm. Generally speaking, they are suitable for children up to the age of 8. However, the guideline should always also be adjusted to the appropriate size of the child.

The Material

Latex mattresses are usually available only in combination with coconut fiber. Latex-coco mixtures are very suitable for babies. The combination provides a good degree of hardness and optimal point elasticity. So for the spine of the little people, these baby mattresses are optimal. At the same time, the breathable material provides good air circulation, allowing natural moisture transport to take place. This is especially important for babies who sweat during sleep.

My tip: Latex often has a special smell. Therefore, the mattress should be well aired out and the covers washed before use.

Cold foam mattresses offer a cheaper alternative to the often high-priced latex mattress. Cold foam has good point elasticity and comfortable lying properties that support the baby’s spine. Usually, air circulation is improved by air channels in the foam. Since the cold foam is usually softer, you should pay attention to firmer tread edges. This allows the little one to stand securely on the edge and hold onto the playpen without their little feet sinking in. However, cold foam mattresses are not durable. After some time, they become softer and are no longer suitable for an optimal lying position of a baby.

Comfort foam is quite similar to cold foam. Here, however, the biggest difference is the price. However, comfort foam has an even shorter shelf life than models made of cold foam. Therefore, this mattress is suitable only for one baby – for the sibling should already be purchased a new one.

The Cover

Your life will be much easier if you choose an easy-care cover. It should be completely removable and withstand high temperatures in the washing machine without any problems.


For older babies, firm treads are important. Through them, children stand more firmly than on the rest of the mattress. This prevents babies holding onto the grille from sinking in and slipping between the grille and the mattress.

The reversible mattress has the advantage of a soft baby side and a firmer toddler side. So it always offers an optimal lying position despite growth.

How do I behave with a new mattress?

After production, mattresses often have a strong inherent odor. This is not from the packaging, but from the manufacturing process. These are volatile gases that arise from the chemical reactions during foams.

Latex mattresses often have an odor because of the rubber. Therefore, each mattress should be aired out for a few days before use. After about 5 to 7 days, all odors are gone and only the inherent odor of the material remains.

As with all new fabric products, I recommend washing the covers through once.

FAQ About The Baby Mattress

How often should a mattress be turned?

It depends on the type of mattress. As a rule, you should turn a mattress every few months. However, there are baby mattresses that are suitable for babies on one side and for toddlers on the other. These mattresses should not be turned until the child reaches the appropriate age.

How long does a baby mattress last?

A baby mattress will provide your child with enough comfort during the first few years of life. Over time, however, it will outgrow the baby mattress and you should purchase a larger mattress.

How and how often should a baby mattress be cleaned?

Since liquids are absorbed directly by the mattress, the cover of the mattress should be removed and washed regularly. Temperatures of 60 degrees are best for this, so that the cover is then nice and clean again.

Which slatted frame should I use?

A conventional slatted frame is perfectly adequate. It is included with most baby beds.

Which baby mattress?

Mattresses for babies should be made of foam or cold foam, these allow good breathability.

How thick should a baby mattress be?

The baby mattress should be a maximum of 10 cm thick.

How expensive is a baby mattress?

Baby mattresses cost between 50 and 300 euros, depending on the quality and size.

When should I start turning the baby mattress?

As soon as your child can walk independently, the spine is hardened and you can turn the mattress over.

How to clean the baby mattress?

The cover should be changed regularly and not cleaned too wet. Stains can be removed with a cloth and soap.

Charlotte is passionate about writing for the Elternkompass. In her free time, her son Emil likes to keep her on her toes and together they spend a lot of time outdoors, walking around their home city of Leipzig. In her product recommendations, Charlotte shares her experiences with you.