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Angelcare AC403-D Babyphone

“The Angelcare AC403-D is the baby monitor for all parents who want to be one hundred percent on the safe side. In addition to all the important functions that a baby monitor should have, the Angelcare baby monitor controls the baby’s breathing and so parents can also sleep more peacefully.”

Kim Riehl, Mother & Editor

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Since the Angelcare AC403-D baby monitor is currently unavailable, we’ve picked out this newer model from Angelcare for you.

Angelcare AC403-D

General information about the baby monitor

The Angelcare AC403-D reliably monitors your baby’s sleep and breathing sounds. At the same time, it is the lowest-radiation baby monitor on the market. The breathing control mat is suitable for all conventional crib mattresses. The various monitoring functions are individually adjustable. In addition, the Angelcare AC403-D baby monitor has eight channels available for transmission.


In order for parents to make sure that their baby is doing well, the Angelcare AC403-D baby monitor offers quite a few features. The most important is probably the breathing control in the form of a mat. This is placed under the baby’s mattress. However, this does not work if breathing sounds can be detected by other family members nearby. The baby monitor also has other features such as a room temperature sensor, a motion detector, vibration alarm and the integrated night light.


As with all baby monitors, the range varies depending on the environment. In outdoor areas, it has a range of up to 250 meters. It has an audible range control that can be switched off and has eight channels for transmission.

Power supply

It is powered by the AC adapter or rechargeable batteries, which gives parents the flexibility to move around with the baby monitor. Even in the event of a power failure, parents do not need to worry during operation with the power plug, because the Angelcare AC403-D baby monitor then simply switches to battery operation.

Advantages of the Angelcare AC403-D baby monitor

✅ Visual noise level indicator

✅ Range up to 250 m

✅ Breathing control

✅ Suitable for all conventional crib mattresses

✅ Room temperature sensor

✅ Motion detector

✅ Vibration alarm

✅ Especially low radiation

✅ Monitoring functions also individually adjustable

✅ Night light

✅ Parent power supply with rechargeable battery or power supply unit

✅ Battery indicator light

✅ Automatic switch-on of battery operation in case of power failure

✅ Eight channels for transmission selection

✅ noise-activated automatic power-on function

Disadvantages of the Angelcare AC403-D baby monitor

❌ no intercom function

❌ no automatic channel selection

❌ no lullaby function

❌ Breathing control not suitable for side beds or sleeping in the master bedroom

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