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Clean Corner And Edge Protection – Guidebook

“If you want to stay safe from bumps at night, then reer’s glowing edge protector is the one for you. Its fluorescent surface lets you avoid corners and edges at night.”

Marie Kulmen, mother & editor

Reer Corner And Edge Protector

Product Info

With its special shape, the luminous reer corner protector can easily be attached to edges. If your child bumps into it, it is reliably protected by the soft foam. The special feature: the corner and edge protector stores light during the day and thus glows at night. This means that you can also recognise corners at night so that you don’t even bump into them. Children also enjoy the pretty effect at night.


  • Material: foam
  • fluorescent surface
  • glows at night for up to 8 hours
  • Scope of delivery: 2/4 pieces


✅ soft foam

✅ glows, corners can be seen even at night

✅ trace-free removal


❌ only two pieces in one package

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