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Nosiboo Pro nasal aspirator

Comparison winner of the editors Nosiboo Pro Accessory Set (Blue)

Nosiboo Pro nasal aspirator

The Nosiboo is the absolute premium product among nasal aspirators!

Nosiboo Pro nasal aspirator

Nosiboo Pro nasal aspirator is one of the high-priced but very effective products. It is considered an electrical medical device and helps you remove secretions from your baby’s nose quickly, effectively and conveniently.
The Nosiboo Pro consists of a Colibri head, a tube and the device with its motor

If you are on the go, you can also operate the head of the teat with your mouth. The powerful model is designed in a cute and child-friendly look. So your child does not need to be afraid of the device

The suction power is optimally adaptable from infant to child age. The Colibri head comes on or easily into the nose. This absorbs the secretion and can be easily cleaned later. The head and tube can be easily separated and washed out.

Product details

  • Available in pink, blue and green
  • 18 x 18 x 18cm; 1,7kg
  • Adjustable steps
  • BPA free (no harmful substances)
  • 135€


✅ Developed in cooperation with ENT physicians

✅ Easy to clean

✅ BPA-free

✅ Child friendly design

✅ Strength adjustable


❌ High price

❌ Not noiseless

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